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Keep Your Surface Rt Or Upgrade To Surface 2?


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I think I'm going to keep my RT and wait for Surface 3. I think they will be enabling LTE on the next one. I'm just hoping the real version of RT 8.1 makes this wonderful device even better.

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My kids desktop computer recently died, and I was thinking of gifting the RT to the kids (for the good of the family, of course ;) ) and picking up a Surface 2. But, we shall see. I really love my RT and the black case over the new silver color.


Interesting enough, If I do it, I was thinking of dropping down to the 32gb Surface 2 from the 64gb Surface RT.  I Haven't even come close to using up the space on the RT. Everything I store is on Skydrive. I feel more confident that it is backed up and readily accessible anywhere I have access to a browser.

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I feel the same way as others, my Surface RT is just fine and the Surface 2 does not appear to add *any* features above and beyond the Surface RT.


I was hoping that it would at least support LTE, NFC or something!  The added speed and better webcam is nice, but nothing to upgrade over - not when 8.1 adds many features on it's own.


But this is the way it should be, buy the hardware and add features with software upgrades.  It's just too bad that the Tegra3 is so slow and prone to overheating - IF the Surface RT was released with a Qualcomm Krait, it would have sold much better (IMO).


For me, I will keep an eye out for the Nokia Windows RT device with LTE - or switch to a device that can play wtv files from WMC.


... or I will buy a backlight touchcover. :P

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It's not a huge upgrade you're right, but I use my Surface RT almost 100 hours a week between school, work, and pleasure so this minor upgrade will play a massive role in my life. A no brainer for me, especially since my Surface is the most important device in my life right now! 

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I'm keeping my RT. I actually haven't gotten much use out of it, except for very light magazine and comic reading. I find the Kindle Fire 8.9 a lot more comfortable to use for these activities.


My Surface Pro is a laboratory for my blog and I expect the Surface Pro 2 will become a primary workstation.

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I ordered one of the new backlit type covers, and it arrived this morning.  It makes a huge difference.  I had been using a touch cover but went for a type cover this time.  It makes a BIG difference on these aging eyes.  I feel more comfortable typing with the type cover too, even after nearly a year with the touch cover. 


So now I'm very happy with my decision to keep the RT but upgrade the cover.  The backlighting is a really major improvement.

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I'm probably not going to get a surface 2. I'll save the money for a replacement for my 7year old iMac instead. The surface rt still fulfills all my tablet needs.

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I went and purchased the Cyan Type cover for my RT. I truly believe 8.1 has made my Surface RT more responsive. So, I'm keeping it until Surface 3 for sure. :)

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