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Keep Your Surface Rt Or Upgrade To Surface 2?


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That is the question, to upgrade or stay with RT. Personally I think I'm going to keep my RT but purchase a 10 inch tablet with full blown 8.1. I don't want to spend over a grand for the pro.  I love my RT and I use it everyday, but there are many times I wish I had full blown Windows. As a compatible consumer device I think it is the best out there. Hopefully more enterprise APPs will be released for RT 8.1 because I believe it can be such a great platform. The main limitations I have with RT are VPN, and Citrix receiver, and the go to meeting app is so watered down it's unusable.


How many are going to upgrade???

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I have had a surface about a year now, got it from the US before it was released in here in Sweden. So far I have not felt that limited by the tegra 3 in the things I do. I use office, YouTube RT, IE, Mail, twitter and so on. Hardly any games.

So I'm a bit undecided on an upgrade. What attracts me is the new screen, camera and kickstand. What holds me of is that the RT I have is sufficient and I do not fancy the new silver color.

I think I will see what 8.1 brings and how the RT feels after that before I decide. 

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I am very interested to see how much the performance has
improved on the Surface 2. I’ve been using a Lenovo Yoga 11 RT device since
March and a Surface RT for about 2 weeks. To me they are both almost perfect
devices except for that slight lag that you see, especially when opening apps.
If I were considering upgrading from the Surface RT to the Surface 2, I would
be inclined to wait until the final release of RT 8.1. I’m crossing my fingers
that it is a little faster and a lot less buggy.


If you decide you really want full Windows 8 Pro, I would
look into selling the RT and getting a 1st gen Surface Pro. I consistently
see them for $650-850 on ebay and cragslist. Usually they include a touch or
type cover if not more accessories. This way you could keep the form factor you
love and gain Win8 Pro all while staying clear of the $1,000 mark.


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Those are some good options Rozz. I like you am really banking on the final release of 8.1 to bring everything to where it should be. I think RT has great promise. I love the price point and the promise of the productivity one can have on this. I am hoping it will get better. If there was a Cisco anywhere client and if the RT would be able to sync mobile devices running CE.NET and win mobile OS's I wouldn't need a big ole laptop.

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Both of the new covers are compatible with the RT, so all you need is the cover.  But it does make a nice excuse for getting the whole package.  ;)


I want to wait until I've had time with 8.1 before making a decision about the Surface 2.  Right now, the only thing I'm drooling over is one of the backlit covers.  The RT is doing everything I want it to do quite nicely.  


My original plan was to get the RT and hold out for 2nd generation Pro.  As it turned out, I like the RT a lot more than I expected.  At this point I no longer feel a need for a Pro, especially considering the trade-off bulk, weight, and battery life.  When I need to use legacy apps on the Surface (which doesn't happen more than a couple times a week) Remote Desktop or TeamViewer work well enough for my needs.   


But my plans are always subject to revision.  LOL  

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Some hope for keeping the first gen! There is a Youtube video where a man compares his 1st gen RT (the one he's holding) running 8.1 RTM performance to a video someone made in store of the Surface 2 (the one on the screen in front of him) performance here. It's hard to tell what's going on at first, but the man is performing the same tasks at the same time on his Surface gen 1 as they occur on the screen in front of him. The video of the surface 2 performance he is comparing to is here.

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