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What I'm Hoping For In Windows 8.1


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Having cut my teeth on an Android tablet, there are just a few things I'd really like to see in 8.1.  First and foremost, the modern UI does not show two of the most useful bits of information - battery status and time of day when I need it.  That should be present always without having to swipe in from the right.  There are a few apps that once I start,  I might use them for quite a while (like News360).  While I'm reading, I'd like to simply glance in a corner or someplace to see how much battery is left or what time it is. 


Positioning the cursor in a word of text - when not using the Type Cover keyboard, if I make a mistake spelling, I can't seem to tap on a letter of the text I want to backspace over.  I can only position to the beginning or end of the word.  I use my Surface Pro as a tablet 80% of the time in both desktop and modern UI modes.


The positioning of tiles is way too cumbersome.  The more apps I have, the harder it is to get something from the end to the front.  One way to overcome that would be for Windows to remember where I was when I started an app.  That is, if I've scrolled to the right, opened an app and then hit the Windows logo, it should put me where I was and not back to the first tile.


None of these things is a hardship but would be good incremental improvements.  I'm loving my SP.

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