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I did like iPhone but I made the switch to the 928. I love this phone plus now Nokia and Microsoft merge I looking forward to seeing where they. Well I think my next phone will be 1520. Hoping




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I was having a ton of fun setting up my new Nexus 7, and playing with it at home. However, once I tried to work on it, I felt disappointed. It was expected, but I was surprised how quickly I felt it. Android 4.3 still has considerable lag IMO as well. Hopefully 4.4 really takes Project butter further. I might keep the N7 just to have an Android device in the house.


Still undecided about my fall lineup... I can now see a Windows 8/RT tablet in my future (either Nokia's or Microsoft's). The new Sony 11" tablet does look appealing as well. Phone wise, I am not 100% yet.

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All that said I think I have the perfect solution to my problems.  I used to say a blackberry + ipad was the perfect relationship.  For me I think a WP + ipad MIni with LTE will be my perfect mix.  

I have been a big advocate for the 8" tablet form factor, until I started reading magazines in digital format. 9"-10" is a good size if you read a lot of magazines or PDF documents.

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    • Al_Borges
      By Al_Borges
      the selection and quality of the windows 10 store apps   has taken a turn for the better in the last few months
      Software publishers have started to load in their win32 apps  in the Store
      The big one is  Itunes  of course.    I dont use Itunes per se but a program I use ( mediamonkey)  requires it to be installed to sync to Ipods and Iphones
      The big advantage of loading in Itunes this way  is that it leaves behind all the other crud  ( apple updater, Bonjour etc) and just does Itunes
      But there are several others that I have used and can recommend.  In some cases the author asks for a small fee for the program via the store.  but you can install on any  of devices hooked into your account and updates are handled thru the MS update process
      Paint.net  a solid paint/photoshop type program.  Very good program that I have used for many years.    This is the program that should have replaced MS Paint, rather than the POS  Paint 3D
      Libre Office   full featured office suite -  fork of the openoffice project  solid program  more like MS Office than the google office suite.  One of my daughters went to school using this and wrote her PHD thesis with it.  
      Irfranview  Lightweight handy image viewer/editor.     I have used this program for over 20 years !!!!     If I need to just crop or lighten an image to paste into another document,  this is what I use.   
      Inkscape   open source Vector drawing program -    similar to Adobe Illustrator  and visio     dont use this program often  but  since visio isnt part of the standard office 365 package,  a good program to have loaded up 
      Autodesk CAD Mobile    Dont confuse this for a full featured CAD program , but for viewing and marking DWG files or creating simple CAD profiles,  this free program works fine
      Please feel free to pass along other useful items you found in the windows store
    • Guest
      By Guest
      Today's show features an interview with VIA about their new hardware releases.  Pay close attention for  some very interesting tidbits that you won't learn from anywhere else.
      News and Items mentioned on today's show.
      HP Mediasmart Server Ex485 - Click here to go to HP Shopping, enter coupon code - SV0708.  Thanks goes out to the mediasmartserver.net community and forums for that coupon.  Check the link for more coupon codes. Get an EX485 new for under $500!
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    • jd71488993265
      By jd71488993265
      Samsung Ativ S


      Official: Samsung.com
      Phonearena: Ativ S
      Video Review: Youtube (Hands On)
      Height 5.4 inches Width 2.7 inches Thickness 0.34 inches Weight 0.3 pounds Form factor Slab Color Grey / Black
      Screen size (diagonal) 4.8 inches Technology Super AMOLED HD Resolution (Y) 1280 px Resolution (X) 720 px PPI 306 Touchscreen type Capacitive Multitouch Yes
      GSM Yes GSM frequencies supported 1900, 1800, 900, 850 UMTS / HSPA Yes UMTS frequencies supported 900, 2100, 1900, 850 Wi-Fi Yes Wi-Fi support 802.11n, 802.11g, 802.11b, 802.11a 802.11n frequencies 5GHz, 2.4GHz GPS Yes Bluetooth Yes Bluetooth version Bluetooth 3.0 NFC support Yes
      Clock speed 1.5 GHz Number of cores 2
      RAM size 1 GB
      Internal size 32 GB, 16 GB External Yes Max external size 64 GB External type microSD
      Resolution 1.9 megapixels
      Resolution 8 megapixels Flash LED Video resolution 1080p
      Operating system Windows Phone Launch OS version Windows Phone 8
      Headphone jack 3.5mm
      Sensors Compass (Magnetometer), Proximity, Ambient light, Gyroscope, Accelerometer
      Capacity 2300 mAh
      from The Verge
    • SurfaceNerd
      By SurfaceNerd
      Okay so today Best Buy opened up pre-orders for the Nokia Lumia 920! I hopped in my car and drove down to ours and got my self one pre-ordered.
      One thing though, if you pre-order at the store, it is only the matte black one. I was really wanting the cyan one but black will do. That was my second choice.
      On the otherhand, if you pre-order online, you can choose which color. Weird, I know... Colors you can choose from are: Black, Red, Yellow, Cyan, White.
      As of right now, AT&T has not started pre-orders. I called and verified that with them.
    • SurfaceNerd
      By SurfaceNerd
      1.5 GHz Dual Core
      Screen Size:
      Screen Resolution (ppi):
      332 ppi
      Screen Quality:
      PureMotion HD+
      10.7 mm
      185 gms
      2000 mAh
      32 GB
      8.7 MP PureView

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