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Nokia 1520


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We should see pretty soon if the specs are accurate. Personally, I suspect the innards will be a little beefier than the ones listed.

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One of these days phones will come with 'network modules' that will allow you to change the type of cell network you can connect to?? Maybe? Hopefully?

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Oh, and retain everything else on your phone: contacts, email, apps, etc. No need to restore from a backup or any other BS. Even your phone # will remain. Hey, a guy can dream can't he?

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I am curious on this device. I want to say I'll jump at it, but...


  • If I get the new Nokia tablet, it'll definitely be the LTE variant. Do I need a phablet this large and a 10.1 tablet?
  • I am worried the apps to leverage this device will be few and far between for a while... although I am sure Nokia will surprise us.
  • Maybe I get the phablet and a less portable haswell convertible/laptop? Although I really don't enjoy using Windows 8 with a mouse.
  • I still debate going back to Android for my phone.
    • Podcasting apps are killing me, along with the constant waiting for other apps (like Xbox Music and Nokia Music) to resume.
    • Sometimes I have a great day and experience with my Lumia 925, other days I want to give up. (But not for long!)
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I'm torn on the phablet model, I presently own a Dell latitude 10 tablet running W 8.1 and am happy with it, I feel its the perfect size for me. Not too large and not too small with great battery life.


A phablet is a step up for me from a regular cell phone but still isn't big enough to supplant a regular tablet.


I think I prefer my Galaxy S4's 5 in screen for a phone and my Dell straddles the right size for portability and being productive.

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      1.5 GHz Dual Core
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      Screen Resolution (ppi):
      332 ppi
      Screen Quality:
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      185 gms
      2000 mAh
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    • mustangpete2010
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      I am currently waiting on my new Lumia 920 to arrive in the mail from AT&T.
      As exciting as that is, let me present my question.
      I've had an HTC Evo 4g (PC36100) for the past two years, and one thing I've loved about it is the ability to hook it up to my tv via HDMI.
      I know that the 920 has DLNA instead of HDMI, and I am actually considering buying a new tv for christmas.
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    • osquest1488993265
      By osquest1488993265
      Looks like Nokia has started rolling out the Amber Update. I just installed it on my Verizon 928. The availability is listed here. Seems to be only a few handsets so far.
      The glance screen seems useful as does the double tap to unlock. Remains to be seen what the effect on battery life is. I'm just installing the new photo/video apps now so can't comment on them.
      The update seems problem free so far.
    • Rob1488993271
      By Rob1488993271
      Just watched the awesome unboxing video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iJebGdSdQM
      I am still stuck between choosing this or an 8" Pro device.
      Would really love to be swayed!
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