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Nokia Amber Update Rolling Out


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Looks like Nokia has started rolling out the Amber Update. I just installed it on my Verizon 928. The availability is listed here. Seems to be only a few handsets so far.


The glance screen seems useful as does the double tap to unlock. Remains to be seen what the effect on battery life is. I'm just installing the new photo/video apps now so can't comment on them.


The update seems problem free so far.

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I have had it on my 1020 since I got it and I think there are some bug fixes that may have been fixed too.  I do have a weird issue though that others can try and tell me if they have.  If I stream a podcast from the native app and then take a call on Bluetooth the podcast continues to play.  Now this was only experienced in a Honda Odyssey 2013 model.  Let me know if anyone else has this issue.

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Sadly this update is nowhere in site for the developers who got Lumia 920's at the //Build/ conference in 2013.


You would think Nokia and Microsoft would want to make sure us Developers are seeded first with these updates..


A real Shame!

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      10.7 mm
      185 gms
      2000 mAh
      32 GB
      8.7 MP PureView
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      I am currently waiting on my new Lumia 920 to arrive in the mail from AT&T.
      As exciting as that is, let me present my question.
      I've had an HTC Evo 4g (PC36100) for the past two years, and one thing I've loved about it is the ability to hook it up to my tv via HDMI.
      I know that the 920 has DLNA instead of HDMI, and I am actually considering buying a new tv for christmas.
      Which brings me to the topic of my rant [slash] my question:
      Why is it so hard to find a tv (or, preferably, a projector - I know, I'm weird) that is DLNA-certified?
      Retailers and manufacturers just don't list "DLNA-certified" as a feature of their products! WHYYYYYYYYY?!
      Is there some date that I'm not aware has passed, after which all tvs (and projectors?) are required to be DLNA-certified?
      Please, help me find a new tv or projector that I can connect my 920 to, so I can get my NetFlix on.
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