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Windows Phone 8 Twitter App Showdown


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On Surface Geeks Podcast 34 I put out a challenge for you guys to sound off on what Twitter app you use and I listed a few requirements for the perfect Twitter app. In my opinion of course.  It's such a subjective question and answer on what is perfect.  My perfect app may not be physically possible.  It's a wish list though.


LIst the apps that you use, tried to use, etc, then give me some features you would like to see in your "perfect" Twitter app for WP8.


  • MehDoh

  • meTweets

  • twabbit

  • Twitter’s App

  • People Hub

  • Rowi

My Wish List

Timeline Options         

           Double Tap to top

           Where to start timeline when you open app. Latest tweet, where last left off.





           I need the @ and # sign on screen somehow. No hitting shift!

           Start autofill after hitting the @ button


           Always give option to quote.

What happens when you tap the tweet?

Easily view the "conversation."

Easy way to view a link.

In Line Photos, especially Instagram and SkyDrive.

Ability to zoom photo


Lock Screen Info

Handle Multiple Accounts easily

Bonus Points

           Sync with a desktop/RT client!

           Send link to tweet via share options

           Send a link that is in the tweet to share options, Pocket, etc.


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