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Nokia Lumia 925 Or 1020


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Hi everyone! This is my first post and I need some buying advice.

My contract is coming up for renewal and I'm eligible now to upgrade my current phone. My last contract phone was an iPhone 4S but for the past six months I've used a Lumia 620 as my daily driver and I'm totally hooked on Windows Phone now!

I live in Switzerland and my carrier is Orange. I have the option to upgrade to the Lumia 925 now for CHF 120 (in combination with my CHF 90/month plan) or to wait for the 1020 to be released here in the Fall (nothing has been announced yet).

I don't mind waiting for the 1020. When it was first announced I was totally excited and sold on the device: the camera is obviously amazing and I really love the 'classic' Lumia look.  But the 925 is a great phone too: interesting design, high specs, and also has a great camera. I imagine it will be cheaper than the 1020 too.


The main thing I'm worried about the 1020 now is the camera lag when taking photos with the Pro Cam app. For those of you who have the 1020, is it noticeably annoying?  Do you think it could be something that's fixed with a software update, or is it a processing power issue?  I can just imagine that after 2 years with a phone that has an amazing camera, but having to wait 3 seconds after every photo is taken, could get quite annoying. I know it sounds a little trivial, but it's one of my concerns since I need to have the phone for two years.



Anyway, thanks for your time and advice!

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Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware there is such a long lag for taking photos. Do you know if the lag happens before taking the shot, or is it the processing time after a shot is taken? I think that's a crucial difference.

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Based on what I've read in reviews it's the processing time after taking the shot in the Pro Cam app.  If you use the basic stock camera app the speed is fast-as-usual, but you only get the 5 MP version.

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Welcome aboard! I debated the same thing. I was on iOS and Android earlier this year, work provided me an iPhone 4S and I cancelled my personal plan. However, I wanted to SIM swap into a Windows Phone 8 device.


I picked the 925 because I don't take that many photos. I am headed on a trip to San Diego next week, and will finally put the 925's camera to a solid stress test. Friends with 920s, prefer the 925 when they played with it. At first I couldn't install the Nokia Pro Camera app from the stores, but I can now. It appears I now have the same selection of camera apps present on the 1020.


I wanted a thin and light device, especially as I wanted to add the Wireless Charging Cover to either. It adds some bulk and heft, but also protects the four corners and the rear casing. they make the covers for both the 925 and 1020. Qi-compatiable charging is a great nice to have.


The 925 (international carrier unlocked variant) already received a small OTA OS update. Any minor bugs I had were squashed. The 925 is perfect for me as I love everything from the speed, to the screen, to the size and shape. It also stands out from the crowd, not being a brightly colored polycarbonate.


However, I am sure you can't go wrong with the 1020. Reviews tend to praise the device, although many will agree the 925 is a close second, or preferred if the camera isn't a top use.


Let me know if you have any questions about the 925 and the platform in general.

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