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The Perfect Surface Pro Art App?


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Japanese developer Celsys today released version 1.2.7 of its popular manga creation/paint and illustration software Clip Studio Paint. The product is marketed in English as Manga Studio by Smith Micro. Although the software excels at comics creation, it is also an excellent and very affordable Photoshop/Illustrator alternative.


Today's update introduces important new features such as full multi-touch support for rotating the canvas, and moving and zooming into the image. Additionally, the new UI scales so that all but a couple of touch targets are very easy to reach.


For more details and a video of the app in action, visit http://surfaceproartist.com/blog/2013/8/7/celsys-highlights-touch-support-in-clip-studio-paint


This release is the first product that I've experienced that fully harnesses the potential of full Windows compatibility with a touch-friendly interface. If more developers follow suit, this could be a game changer.

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I have used Clip Studio Paint ever since they released the beta version (a.k.a. Clip Paint Lab) in 2010. I was fortunate enough to get a free personal license for the Pro version, as a reward for my activity in their Bug Squish event during the beta phase.


I did expereince a few problems in the latest 1.31 version though, probably due to the way it handles the tablet drivers. Installing the Wacom Dual Touch ISD driver and then switching the tablet input mode to WinTab causes Clip Studio Paint to crash. However, this problem was fixed after a re-installation of Clip Studio Paint after Wacom ISD is in place. Then I could freely switch from TabletPC to WinTab (and vice versa) without any crashing.


Just so you know, I'm using the Jap version, but the Engrish version might behave differently.

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