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Artdock Utility For The Surface Pro


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Here's a really neat utilities for all artist that has the Surface Pro. This does work on my Surface Pro.




This is a short-cut keys/menu that you can load with your favorite drawing apps. Highly recommend it.


Note: you will need to install Autohot keys first before the ArtDock will work. Link: http://www.autohotkey.com/



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How did you get this working on the Surface Pro? All the settings seem to be for other slates. When I try to run ArtDock.ahk, I get "Error at line 254. Line Text: {} Error: The leftmost character above is illegal in an expression."

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How did you get this working on the Surface Pro? All the settings seem to be for other slates. When I try to run ArtDock.ahk, I get "Error at line 254. Line Text: {} Error: The leftmost character above is illegal in an expression."

I don't think that specific dock works with the Surface, its only for Samsung slate 7 I think and other tablets. I think this link is for the Surface dock...


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I've install Autohotkey first, unzip the ArtDock onto my desktop and rand the ArtDock.ahk... works like a charm for Sketchbook & Photoshop. I haven't tried the other apps :)

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I used those links but when the artdock shows up the actual touch locations seem all of.  It seems that only the left most buttons work and if I move over to the right it hits the buttons far over to the right beyond where I'm actually tapping.


I'm assuming the profile info is wrong?

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OK, I got it.  The problem is with a new DPI Awareness introduced in a recent version of AutoHotkey.  The script does not account for it.


Opening the AHK file and putting in the line:


"Gui -DPIScale"


Makes everything wonderful!   Incredible!

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  • 9 months later...

ok this is nuts... nobody in the web seems to post the solution for this line error within artdock. like magically they now how to solve it,but never post it. may I know the solution? like why nobody share it?

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    • Handson
      By Handson
      Artdock was my savior on the surface pro 1. It made all things possible for intuitive interaction with 2D/3D art apps. It's unfortunate that it doesn't work on the Surface 3, as so far it's my dream device.
      It was suggested that we try "toolbar creator" to replace some of the Autohotkey tools that worked on Surface Pro 1 and 2. That said, it's still does not function as artdock once did. 
      Let's ignore for a moment whether certain modifier/click/pen combinations are used for specific actions in certain specific art applications. Thus speaking purely in terms of functionality; I just want to clarify a few things...
      What worked on old Surface Pro...
      Using autohotkey/artdock to create a virtual button (or something similar) on the surface pro 1 and 2, it allowed the user to have both finger and pen on the screen and register their action in combination  Is this correct? That sure seems like what I experienced. Thus allowing me to have a true virtual keyboard that worked in sync with a pen. 
      Note, when I say virtual keyboard, I'm not just generically saying virtual buttons. I'm saying virtual buttons that played nicely with simultaneous interaction via pen input. No unintuitive toggling, etc. 
      What doesn't work on Surface Pro 3...
      On the surface pro 3 you cannot have both pen and finger in combination. The pen overrides touch. Is that the root problem?
      People have been saying Ntrig is the issue, is this true? Or is it an issue on the Microsoft side? I remember reading that Microsoft had to custom code a number of things to get wacom working properly with the Surface as they desired. Is it possible they simply were not as thorough with Ntrig implementation?
      This toolbar-creator script is certainly rad. Love the customization aspects and the flexibility. But all of that doesn't fix the root problem that worked so smoothly in the old artdock/autohotkey tools. The fact that pen and touch played nicely in combination.
      What is technically preventing functionality that allows touch/pen to work in unison. Is the problem with Autohotkey? Microsoft? Ntrig? I wonder if people are just a little to quick to presume that N-trig is the issue simply because it is not Wacom. 
      Are there other programmable "virtual keyboard' options that I may be overlooking?
      Very much appreciate any feedback. 
    • tinkererguy
      By tinkererguy
      Once in a while, I write something, not expecting much. Months later, I realize the article's popularity continues to grow. Here's just such a piece, from back in Sep 2013 called:
      Rufus takes 5 minutes to create a UEFI bootable USB 3.0 flash drive for Windows 8.1 installation
      Visitor davepermen was reading an article about using Rufus to create a bootable ESXi USB drive, for installation to itself. He apparently also owns a Surface Pro, decided to give Rufus a go, and found success, then typed up this comment.
      Free software, no adware, no catch. Just a simple and effective and fast utility I thought I'd share. Especiallyl given there seems to be less and less of it for Windows these days.
    • pcdoc
      By pcdoc
      I just tried the "Back to drawing board" app and it is really cool.  Imagine CAD on a tablet.  Works well with touch but really excels when using you cover or external keyboard and mouse.  I have tried on both WIndows 8 and RT and it works well.  I would not want to edit a super complex drawing on a Surface but it is nice to know you can. 
    • elrafo
      By elrafo
      I was wondering if the use of a screen protector is necessary and if there is any loss in sensitivity when drawing. I have just bought a SP3 and intend to use it mainly for digital painting.
      I was thinking to buy some matte screen protector to have some kind of resistance when I draw, but I am also concerned this resistance will ruin the nib of the stylus, Any advice?
    • buzzelliart
      By buzzelliart
      Hello everyone,
      I hope not to be OT,
      I am a software developer and I've developed a painting software for windows platform.
      The software also supports Wacom's pen sensitivity to vary size and opacity of brushstrokes.
      I was wondering if my software works well on Windows Surface pro, since it seems that the software has some issues with hardwares with integrated graphics cards.
      The software is available for free here:
      I would be grateful if someone could test it and send me a feedback about their user experience with the software.
      Thank you all in advance!
      Kind regards,
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