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So I have spent a good $20-$30 on apps for my new Windows Phone 8 (Samsung Ativ S). Mainly to try various clients out for podcasting and Twitter, but also to encourage developers to keep trying new things and most importantly to update their apps. I avoided apps not updated in 2013, and focused on those update in the last few months.

  • +Flashlight: It gets the job done. It is rarely used but nice to have when it is needed.
  • 6Sec: On iOS/Android I dumped Vine once Instagram got video integration. I will probably do the same if and when we get an official Instagram client on WP8. But for now, this app makes finding and watching Vines a pleasant experience. Better than any other platform IMO.
  • Battery: Just using to get the hang of my new phone's battery. Works well and lets you toggle reporting periods and alerts. Give it a try if you want to gauge daily usage and see what is going on.
  • Instance: Almost as good as a real Instagram client. No reason to complain it is not yet on the platform. Works great for me!
  • MetroTalk: Since I recently ported my number to Google Voice, I couldn't live without this app on the platform. It literally is my dialer and SMS client all the time. It syncs with contacts so you can even force the People app to use MetroTalk as the dialer (via clicking a link from the contact details). It is nearly flawless as appears to be actively worked on.
  • Metrotube: I was just going to use the silly "official" Microsoft app currently on the store, until I found this. I prefer HD (which this app can force), and the ability to see my subscriptions directly on launch is a super plus. I treat my subscriptions like my Twitter feed, I want see them all. I wish it kept playing in the background. (I am spoiled by Hyper on Windows 8/RT).
  • NBC News: Blown away by the quality of this app. Great photos and videos tied with solid articles. Breaking News alerts are relevant and not overwhelming like other apps. The built in text-to-voice is a nice to have feature I actually find myself using. Beautiful design and a great live tile!
  • Pandora: I use Xbox Music full time now (I recently subscribed) but this is my favorite Pandora client across all platforms. Very functional and visually appealing.
  • Read Later: I don't use it much on the phone, as my Twitter app supports saving to Pocket directly. But it is nice to be able to send anything to the service with a copy/paste. And to find things I saved earlier on the phone, on my tablet, or various desktops. Not a pretty app, but it works.
  • Podcast Picker. Wow... just wow! Not as great as Instacast (iOS) or PocketCasts (Android) but it gets the job done. No syncing :( so if I get a new phone I need to re-add all my feeds, but other than that... I use it multiple times a day. Other apps were not appealing to me, or had strange playback bugs. Not this app. A solid Podcast Player is probably at the top of my must have list. Because of this and the next app, I am staying on WP8.
  • Rowi: I almost lost hope after trying every other Twitter app. I need to be able to quickly save to Pocket, this allows me to with two clicks! Most importantly, I NEED to see my whole Timeline as I used Twitter for news and I like to read it in chronological order. I prefer not to miss anything. No other app remembers my position and loads all tweets without kicking me out of my last read location. Well done, Rowi, well done. Tweets and Podcasts are why I love to use a smartphone (outside of email). Rowi makes me VERY happy to use my phone.
  • Vevo: Great quality streaming and on demand music videos. It works perfectly and only lacks login support (so I can sync my favorite artists/videos). I only wish it kept playing in the background.

The number one reason for me to love this platform is the amazing, truly amazing, Exchange Active Sync support via the built in mail client. I actually enjoy keeping up with work email. The client and its integration with Calendar and People apps make this THE platform for Exchange email on the go, IMO.


Attached is my current home screen, below it are (the lesser used) medium live tiles for NBC News, Flixster, and small tiles for Games, Google, Relax Melodies Premium (I like rain to fall asleep to), Read Later, with the last row being medium Settings and Store tiles.


I'll update this posts with more apps as I find them, and will do the same for my favorite Windows RT apps.


What do you use?


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