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Can The Windows 8 Calendar App Subscribe To An Os X Calendar Feed?


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In spite of getting a Surface Pro, for right now it is a secondary computer, and my main computer will remain my MacBook Pro.


Here's my question: if I don't want to sync my OS X calendar via the iCloud control panel for Windows with Outlook (because I believe I'm going to try to avoid Outlook altogether), is there any way the Windows 8 calendar app can subscribe to a shared OS X calendar?


In the OS X calendar, I can share a calendar via a webcal URL. I tried sending one to myself, and when I tried to open it on the Surface Pro, Outlook launched. However, I'd like to just use the Windows 8 calendar app--I just can't figure out if that's possible. Does anyone know?


[Okay, I hope that the Apple haters won't pounce on me here. Just keep in mind that my purchases of the Surface RT and the Surface Pro this year were the first Windows computers I bought since 1997! The Surface was the first Windows computer I'd wanted to get since I started using a Mac.]

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