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Type Cover Question


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I've been lugging around a BT keyboard for my surface pro since release day.


I'd like to spring for a type cover keyboard (do not want the touch)...but I went to the local BestBuy and noticed that the model type cover keyboard is fuzzy on the back. The fuzzy back looked terrible (maybe thru heavy use as a demo). It looked frayed at the edges and starting to pill on the main surface.


What is the point of the fuzzy surface?  The touch cover doesn't appear to have this, although I may be mistaken.


Are you supposed to flip the keyboard around and put the fuzzy side against the screen when you close it? If that's the case, will the keys scratch the screen if you don't?  


For those of you who own one, does the cover look terrible after normal use?

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I have the "fuzzy" Type Cover and I think they fuzzed it up a bit so it wouldn't scratch my other gear in my backpack. ;)  It's not fraying either but it doesn't get out much. It's a desktop RT for me.


How about, when you wrap the keyboard around to the back of the unit it won't scratch it?

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I have had the Type cover since I bought my Surface RT in March.


I've never had a problem with the Type cover and I haven't had an issue with fraying or splitting. The fuzzy part is by design. I was turned off by it at first. But, I like it now. I think it helps with making a quieter typing experience when typing on metal, glass and plastic tables. Plus it feels nice in the hand when walking from one destination to another.


I put the Surface with the connected type cover in a carrying case for walking to and from the bus stop where I'm concerned with accidentally dropping my surface because of being bumped. However, at home, in the office and at church, I generally carry just the surface with the type cover connected. With the heavy use, the fuzzy side of the Type cover still looks nice.


I normally leave the fuzzy side out when the cover is closed. When I set the Surface down on just about any flat surface, I make sure to put the fuzzy side down to keep from accidentally scratching wood tables, etc... With the gorilla glass screen, I'm not concerned with the keyboard keys scratching the screen. Additionally, the keys are flush with the raised frame around the keys. All of these flat parts are soft materials.


On occasion, I will flip the keyboard with the keyboard side facing down (generally when the stickiness of the table top is in question.)

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Thanks for the quick responses. I think I'll pull the trigger on the Type Cover. My hopes of having a keyboard with a sheet battery are dwindling. I love the pro but wish it had more battery life. 

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I love the type KB.  My original cover did fray and MS replaced it no questions asked. I was really impressed my the support. I don't bend the cover back and let the tablet rest on it, so I didn't abuse the KB in any way. I prefer the type over the touch keyboard.

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I had the touch keyboard for a few months and that frayed a bit.  I was a bit disappointed when I saw that the type keyboards had the same material on the back, but I'm really happy with it... far superior!

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For me, the fuzzy back of the Type KB is about friction. When I place the SP on a surface, it tends to stay in place better than a hard, slick plastic surface would.

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  • 4 months later...

Just got back from a trip to Hawaii and started really using my Surface RT and Type keyboard cover. It appears that my "P" key is no-longer responsive. All other keys seem to be working just fine. 


Any Thoughts?


I did a warm boot but still no dice.

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