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Like everyone else that owns a Windows Phone, I probably spend way too much time trying to make my start screen efficient (look cool). I’m pretty happy with the way I have it now and it’s worked out pretty well the past few months. I have an HTC 8x, so I’m sure the differing screen sizes will work slightly different, but the idea is the same.


When I unlock my 8x, I have a grid of 7x4 small squares to work with without scrolling. I basically pinned enough items so that I have 2 of these 7x4 grids. This is key as it allows me to flick the screen hard enough(which isn’t hard at all) to get to the bottom of my start screen which displays everything I have pinned to my second grid. In a sense I basically have two home screens with tiles.

The top grid has nothing but my favorite people in various sized tiles. I have one large tile, 2 medium, and 12 small to be exact. The screen looks beautiful as it is tied into my Facebook and displays everyone’s latest profile pictures, which helps keep it from getting old. As these are the people I communicate with most often, I like that I see notifications of missed calls and texts on their tile as opposed to sorting through them in the messaging and phone apps. The bottom grid is then all of my favorite apps. I have 3 medium tiles and 15 small tiles.

I really like how this setup focuses on people more than apps. It even helps remind me to give the parents a call now and then or stay in touch with some of my buddies that I don’t see all the time. Anyone else have any cool/efficient setups? I came from Android before my move to Windows Phone and miss some of the customization/optimization of my home screen sometimes… 

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