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Copy.com Free Cloud Storage 22Gb

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Hey guys,


I shared this on Home Server Show last week and I've been impressed with it so far.  Copy.Com.  Yet Another Cloud Storage Provider.  YACSP


Anyone off the street can get 15Gig of free storage.  Follow my referral link and you will get an extra 5 Gig.  After you sign up you can find a twitter link and send a tweet for another 2 free Gig.  That's 22 Gig in a few minutes.  I'm uploading photos now.


You will have to verify your account via e-mail and install the software and login in order to claim your free space.  Pretty simple overall.






I'm also browsing my file upload data on my Surface RT! That is cool that I can get to everything via my Surface.  Now, lets all get signed up and hit these guys hard to create a WP8 and Windows RT App!


I'll talk about this on the next podcast and give a shout to everyone who tries it out!

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I personally have been using Copy.com for a while now and I am totally hooked! They offer much better features than than most other cloud storage providers. Goodbye dropbox...

bakgwei's link https://copy.com?r=imaNoO

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So far it's a great service.  We have discussed it a lot over at homeservershow.com.  Leave your copy.com link here in forums and pay it forward.  Signup using someone's link and then paste yours in here and someone will use yours.  Hopefully you will participate a little in the forums and not make it your only post!

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