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Halo: Spartan Assault On The Rt?


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Forgive me, but I still get confused regarding what works on a Surface RT when they talk about Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows Phone 8.    Microsoft announced that the new Halo game is only available ONLY on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.  Does this mean that it will NOT work on an RT?  It seems off that they will make a version that works on a phone and skip right over the Surface RT.   Can someone clear this up for me?  Thanks...

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@Quickdraw, just think of it like this. Win RT and Windows Phone will run APPs that are only provided in the Windows Marketplace.

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    • EON1488993291
      By EON1488993291
      I have a Surface RT (32 GB) and it only has 1.69 GB of space left on the HD. The thing is that I have almost nothing on it (just a few apps that I check and do NOT take a lot of space, and small files), so I don't know what is taking so much space. Does anyone knows where is all that memory going? I have not being able to find it (I have checked the size of the apps, delete the trash can, delete the internet history/cookies)...
      Also, I want to upgrade to Windows 8.1. These are the two ways that I have think of doing it, but I will like your opinion on which option is better (or if there is a better way):
      Plan 1: take the tablet to its original status (in PC settings > General > Remove everything and reinstall Windows), move the recovery files to a thumb drive (http://www.surfacegeeks.net/forums/index.php?/topic/192-surface-rt-how-to-free-up-4-gigabytes-of-storage-space-on-your-rt/), and do all updates to take it to Windows 8.1
      Plan 2: free some space by moving the recovery files to a thumb drive, make the upgrade to Windows 8.1, run a cleanup disk and defragment the drive
      Making a backup of the files in the tablet is easy b/c there is not much in it, but my main concerns for the process are: I am going to loose microsoft office? is it going to ask me for any key/license number (if I ever had one, I don't know where it is)? anything else that I am missing?
    • Dave
      By Dave
      Surface with Windows RT, 32 GB: $499
      Surface with Windows RT, 32 GB with Black Touch Cover: $599
      Surface with Windows RT, 64 GB with Black Touch Cover: $699
      Surface Touch Cover (white, red, black, cyan, or pink): $120
      Surface Type Cover: $130
      Initial reactions? To high?
    • mplovan
      By mplovan
      A pleasant surprise today.
      Evernote updated and allows Rich Text Formatting. No check list but it's a start.
    • Dewain27
      By Dewain27
      So, I do DJing and lighting.  I was worried if I could really run an entire show with Surface.  I have to say it went well.  I ran all the music from my RT and all the lighting software (Nicolaudie Sunlite Sudio 2).  I found that the Surface Pro had no issues running all the scenes and controlling the lights for a 4 hour concert.  I ran all the music pre and post using the Xbox music app with a Xbox music pass.  I am pretty confident that I could probably run it all from just the Pro, but wanted to ensure that I had more than I needed for the event.
      I did run another event this weekend as well that was a full DJ event using my Smithson Martin DVS.  I did this on my Asus Zenbook Touch.  I was able to run both the Xbox Music app along with Sunlite for a 3 hour DJ event and even take requests adding to the playlist with no issues what so ever... It was pretty awesome.  Seeing that I could leverage Windows 8 to flip between music and lighting control with no delays.  I had numerous people ask me how I was doing all of it as you can see the screen from the audience when using the DVS.  It gives a great effect for those that haven't seen one.  I found this when I was working TechEd in 2012 and talked to the DJ to find out what the thing was that they were using on the stage.  Its expensive, but if you can afford one for mobile DJs it really makes the difference.  If you can't do the DVS, then try a touch screen and Emulator Pro.  I am going to test this with the Surface Pro, but don't see why it wouldn't work.  I can't imagine that the RT will allow the drivers to work though.


    • Dewain27
      By Dewain27
      So, I am listening to the Surface Geeks podcast #23 when I hear Darren and Dave start in on how the iPad is better for kids.  Here are my thoughts:
      I have and use the following devices for my kids:
      Surface RT 32 GB w/ 64 GB expansion SD card iPad (Original) 32 GB iPod Touch 4th Generation 32 GB Google Nexus 7 32 GB Tabeo w/ 32 GB expansion SD card Nokia Lumia 920 I thought I might give you a little view from a father that has a 6 and 3 year old.  Again, I am a Microsoft employee and therefore I have knowledge on certain platforms, but keep in mind that this has little to do with this discussion as I will try to be as non-bias as possible.
      iPad and iPod Touch:
      I will discuss these two as a single review and explain the differences in each from my experience.
      Ease of use:
      iOS is great to hand a kid and they seem to get it quick.  It is probably the easiest from an ease of use perspective.  You can just give it to a 3 year old and they can get the idea.  You might have to show them to push the button to get back to home screen, but that is really it.  Now for the bad part... I actually prefer these systems before multi-tasking was introduced as now the devices get slower and slower until I have to grab them and go through and close all the different open applications.  If it is on it in 2 hours everything has been launched and with no global close all open applications makes for a fun 10 minutes of closing all the apps.  I guess I will add that there are also times that my kids, especially my 3 year old, where they get into the system where you can delete applications and starts deleting the applications.  There is really no way to stop this.  Putting videos on these are sometimes painful as you can't simply just drop a file on them, you have to have the video in the right resolution and the right format.  If all you do is iTunes, then it works great, but this is not my case and I have had to down convert many an HD movie to SD to be able to get it on the iPad.  I know that this might get fixed with later versions, however it is my opinion that it should work better.
      Parental Controls:
      Parental Controls? Wow... you mean that such a thing exists?  Not here.  You put it on there and they got it.  You give them an apple account and they are off to the races with whatever they want.  If you think you can control this for your kids, then you are sadly mistaken.  If you want to lock the device for only one kid you can, but multiple profiles is not something you are going to do.  If you want to keep your kids off certain websites, then I think you might find a program to do so, but come on now... should this not be baked into these devices?  How do I keep my kids from jumping on porn sites... or just not using a web-browser or an app that I don't want them to?  Yeah, wild wild west here boys and girls.
      Resulting Use:
      So for each of the devices, I am going to give you their final use in my household as they are all leveraged for my children.  The Touch Game (iPad) and the Phone (iPod) have resulted in different worlds.  The iPad has resulted in the device that we bring that is pre-loaded with only videos and games that are for my kids, it once was the place that both my kids wanted to go, but now it is more focused on the 3 year old.  The iPod has actually proven to be the much better solution as it is used as a very portable solution for my 3 year old that makes him feel like he is using a phone, but he can watch videos and play games.  The interesting thing is that we bought a mini-van and the apple adapter that lets us play videos has turned the iPod into a video on demand thing for my son in the car for the screen in the back.  This allows us to provide video on-demand for him.  My wife and I have tried to retire them from use with my daughter as now she is moving toward wanting to do web-based content that there is just not enough control for us to use these any longer with her.
      End Rating:
      Apple iPad -  For younger kids it is a little big, but as they get bigger and that is not an issue it becomes an issue that there are no parental controls
      Apple iPod - Great for younger kids it is the perfect size, allows for you to say that is your phone and keep yours safe.  There are great bumpers and just a very versatile little device.  I think it is the best on the market for 3-5 years.
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