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Issue With Ordering 2X Surface Pros…


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Hello everyone.


I have been lurking around the forum but didn’t want to post something until I had something useful to say.

So, I work for a relatively small company in the UK and we are a Microsoft and HP house however, HP don’t seem to be doing much in the Windows 8 tablet space so we decided to test a couple of Surface Pros.


The order was as follows:


2x Surface Pros

2x Display Port to VGA adapters

2x Power Supplies

2x Extended Warranties

1x Touch Cover

1x Type Cover


When trying to order these online, I got an error something along the lines of "Sorry, something has gone wrong, please try later".  So I called MS and they could not put it through either, I tried another Live account and a different credit card with no joy.


We called the bank and they said it wasn’t an issue at their end.


After 3 days of trying, Alex (the MS sales person) worked out that there were to many items on the order.

So if you have an issue with a multiple item order, (in the UK at least) it looks to be an issue with the Microsoft website which hopefully will be fixed soon.


Opinions on the device will be incoming :-)


PS, enjoying the podcast.

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Well I hope that is something they work out :).  Glad you got your order through, and please come back to let us know what you think.  I have started to see a few more Surface tablets (both versions) in the wild in general, and  from all reports it sounds like Microsoft will not listen to the Technorati and will continue on with these devices. 

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Well sending back is a bit of a pain, we have to pay for another one which has just been dispatched and "should" get a refund on the broken one when I send it back.


On the plus side, the Pro which I have working is great.

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