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My New Touch Cover Is Better Than My Old One?!


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My old touch cover, which I got with my Surface at Christmas, recently started to fall apart even thought I treated it extremely carefully after seeing pictures of them peeling on forums! Mine seemed to peel in a different place and worse than anyone's on the internet (I've attached a picture below).


Screen Shot 2012-03-01 at 9.14.21 PM.png




After talking to Surface support I sent mine away and they gave me a brand new one which I was happy about (and kind of expected because it's definitely a manufacturing fault).


My new one arrived and it is BETTER. The touch sensitivity has increased to the perfect level. Before I always thought it was ever so slightly not sensitive enough and I had to learn to hit the keys. But this new one is much more natural and doesn't feel like such a big jump when switching between using the touch screen and the cover. Oh, and the keys are less pronounced which is a slight negative actually, but one I can definitely live with.


Has anyone noticed this!?

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I have a Type cover, my wife has a cyan Touch cover. So far, hers hasn't shown any signs of 'peeling'. I do like the idea that the newer ones have more sensitivity but, like you, I don't like the idea that the keys are less raised.

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