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Tower Defense - Recommendations?


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Has anyone come across any good Tower Defense type games for Surface RT yet?  I have played a number of great apps on WP8, but I haven't found any compelling apps on Surface RT.


Post up your recommendations here!

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Not to many tower defense games out, but there is an AMAZING RTS game which you may like.

Armed! Its on WRT,WP, and IOS. There's multiplayer, great strategy, and heavily supported by the developers.

Here's a link where I recommended it for WP



Other then that, I'm sure when 'Plants vs Zombies 2' comes out it will be released on WRT

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    • Al_Borges
      By Al_Borges
      the selection and quality of the windows 10 store apps   has taken a turn for the better in the last few months
      Software publishers have started to load in their win32 apps  in the Store
      The big one is  Itunes  of course.    I dont use Itunes per se but a program I use ( mediamonkey)  requires it to be installed to sync to Ipods and Iphones
      The big advantage of loading in Itunes this way  is that it leaves behind all the other crud  ( apple updater, Bonjour etc) and just does Itunes
      But there are several others that I have used and can recommend.  In some cases the author asks for a small fee for the program via the store.  but you can install on any  of devices hooked into your account and updates are handled thru the MS update process
      Paint.net  a solid paint/photoshop type program.  Very good program that I have used for many years.    This is the program that should have replaced MS Paint, rather than the POS  Paint 3D
      Libre Office   full featured office suite -  fork of the openoffice project  solid program  more like MS Office than the google office suite.  One of my daughters went to school using this and wrote her PHD thesis with it.  
      Irfranview  Lightweight handy image viewer/editor.     I have used this program for over 20 years !!!!     If I need to just crop or lighten an image to paste into another document,  this is what I use.   
      Inkscape   open source Vector drawing program -    similar to Adobe Illustrator  and visio     dont use this program often  but  since visio isnt part of the standard office 365 package,  a good program to have loaded up 
      Autodesk CAD Mobile    Dont confuse this for a full featured CAD program , but for viewing and marking DWG files or creating simple CAD profiles,  this free program works fine
      Please feel free to pass along other useful items you found in the windows store
    • scoobyx
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      Just in case you're a sports fan like me and you missed this, there is an official ESPN app available in the app store! I am not sure how long it's been there, but I just ran across it last night and nearly fell out of my chair. I have been messing around with it a little and from what I have seen so far, it's really quite nice. If you have an ESPN account (free, BTW), it will immediately sync up your favorite teams inside the app. The one thing I have noticed thus far is a lack of deep-pin-ability - for example, inside the app, I have an Atlanta Falcons hub, but I cannot pin that to the start menu. Outside of that, it includes NCAAFB which the MS/Bing sports app does not have (currently). Everything else is super high quality and great content - just what I have come to expect from ESPN.
    • RobD
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      Many of you work in businesses where Citrix is used to provide applications to users, freeing them from their desktop.   Citrix provides what is generally called "presentation virtualization" as it's only sending the screen to the machine.
      Citrix has been very good about supporting various devices including iOS and Android devices.  Naturally it's a first class experience on Windows 7/8.    Citrix released the "Citrix Receiver" for Surface RT in March and has updated the application a few times.
      I have been using it recently and while the initial setup can be a bit complex (and requires the Citrix environment to be relatively up to date) once you have it working, it's excellent.  
      I have done a lot of work recently with a number of healthcare companies. Healthcare companies tend to use a lot of Citrix and/or Microsoft Remote Desktop Services to deliver apps.   Physician's bring in their own devices, typically iPads but at my recent customer there were a number who had purchased Surface RT's.  Having the Citrix receiver application made it very easy for the hospitals IT department to handle their needs!
    • JohnTW
      By JohnTW
      Some days are great, and I love my Lumia 925, enjoy using the OS and all my apps.
      Other days, everything becomes annoying. Podcast apps lose my last played location, apps don't respond to bluetooth connections correctly, push notifications never come, and whenever I am in a hurry, every app takes FOREVER "Resuming..." or loading new data.
      My friends on 920 state the same, but seem more tolerable. Coming from iOS and Android (iPhone 1 through 5, and the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Optimus G Pro)... I am not use to this behavior. Those experiences are far more consistent, love them or hate them.
      How does everyone else feel using Windows Phone 8 as their daily driver? Everyday can't be great, when it gets tough... where are the problems? Those days that are pleasant, what really stands out? General question... are the issues OS level or app/dev level? I plan to explore the answers to the above more thoroughly, and am curious on the thoughts of others.
      Thank you!
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      Today I am happy to announce that the first major update to Piktr has passed certification is now on the Windows Store.
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