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What Podcasts?


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What podcasts do you guys like to listen to?

I'm looking to subscribe to more. I run out of things to listen to around lunch time.


My list:

Surface Geeks (duh)

Windows Weekly

Tech Crunch



Mac Break (only if no other options)

Monday Moring with Bill Burr (love his angry energy)

Giz Wiz



Ya, 5 on my list are from Twit Network. I just cant seem to find to many podcast that I can keep me entertained.

I miss Windows Phone Podcast. That was canceled about a year ago, but it was a podcast out of Redmond.

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I listen to;

Surface Geeks

Home Server Show

Home Tech 

BYOB Podcast

Ted Radio Hour

Freakonomics Radio

StarTalk Radio

Speaking in Tech

WPCentral Podcast

Windows Weekly


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Hmmm, schoondog and I have a similar list.  Some of these I am subscribed to, others, I will pick an episode here and there to download:



"Weekly, Must Listen" Group

- Surface Geeks

- WhatTheTech

- Windows Weekly

- Windows Developer Show

- Home Server Show


BYOB Podcast

StarTalk Radio

WPCentral Podcast

.Net Rocks

The Tablet Show

Radio TFS

Windows Store Weekly (video) - good for finding new apps


Occassional downloads:


Jesse Liberty YapCast

This Week in Computer Hardware

Before You Buy

This Week in Tech (I only listen to this one if Dvorak isn't on there.  That guys needs to be put out of his misery!)


If I hear of another that Paul Thurrott, Mary Jo Foley, or Ed Bott are joining, I'll try to listen to those episodes, too.

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I used to subscribe to a bunch of podcasts. Now I don't subscribe to even 1 -- no time any more.

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