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I tweeted that logo earlier today.  Yep, excited!  I'm more excited about what MS has to offer instead of for myself.  I use it a little bit but I'm not a huge gamer.  I am excited to see if MS is going to work into the living room more.


Anyone want to participate on a live blog type hangout?

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I have three and gameplay is about 5% of their usage. I use them as extenders.


I use mine mostly as a phone lol. My Xbox and computers are all at the same desk on different monitors (there's 5). I usually have at least 20 friends on at any time, so I turn my Xbox on just to join parties while I'm doing homework or something lol


As far as games, Minecraft, Trials Evolution, Forza, or Grand Theft Auto.

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My son is sadly disappointed. Doesn't want "one" now that it isn't backwardly compatible with the 360. Other dislikes:

  • The controller (The missing "start" and "back" buttons
  • The case (ugly)
  • The requirement for Kinect (he hates this device "worthless to a real gamer", should be optional)
  • Can't play used games. Destroyed the market for cheaper resale games.
  • Can't take a game to a friends house to play because there is an extra charge to add accounts to the game (not sure if that is true)
  • Can't change out the hard drive (I don't understand this one. We've never swapped our 60gb but, we don't generally copy games to the hdd)
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