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New Surface 5 In 1 Adapter Released


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Juiced Systems has recently released their 5 in 1 Surface RT/Pro adapter, adding 2 USB inputs, SD/Micro SD inputs, with a micro USB input to charge the tablet while in use. The adapter is made specifically for the Surface tablets. 



Direct Website Link : 

http://www.juicedsystems.com/products/#!/~/product/category=3244270&id=22085865 @ the website their priced at $22.99 

Coupon code for free shipping: SURFACE_JUICE 


Or via Amazon :


http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00C7AQXQQ @ amazon their 24.99



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Good find.  We talked about a more robust option on the podcast last night, but for 25 bucks if you just have a few extra peripherals to plug in this could be perfect. 

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Good find.  We talked about a more robust option on the podcast last night, but for 25 bucks if you just have a few extra peripherals to plug in this could be perfect. 

I purchased a separate USB 3.0 hub, card reader, cables, etc.


What type of robust version did you mention?  I love the form factor for this, but why it's only USB 2.0 is kind of a deal breaker.

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I covered this little gadget at CES 2013.  Take a look at this youtube:



It's at the 45:00 minute mark.


Looks like someone finally picked up the license to this GoPod product and will try it on the market.  What do you guys think?  We've talked about port extending the Surface on a couple of podcasts as well as here in the forums.  This one going in your bag?

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I bought this for my Pro, and it's beautiful. The only issue is that the adapter covers the volume rocker on the Pro...but I don't mind.



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    • Dewain27
      By Dewain27
      So, you went out and bought your Surface Pro or RT and you brought it home and thought this is awesome how small these are... Then you walk over to put it in your laptop bag and you are like "WOW this won't work!"  So, I jumped out looking for something that did not eat my Surface like a tiny dog biscuit to a great dane.
      So, I found the solution that I was looking for...

      Yes boys and girls it is a perfectly sized laptop bag for the Surface RT / Pro.  It is good to note that this thing not only perfectly fits the surface, but all of the other items you might want to bring.  Tons of pockets and zippers and such.

      Oh and did I mention that I love the fact that this thing has an awesome orange interior that gives it a little character.  If you like it comes in black and orange as well.
      The material is a smooth nylon-like material keeping it from having issues with getting a little wet and stain resistant.  I absolutely love this thing.  I would give some cons, but I can't find anything wrong with it.
      Here is the link to allow you to go there now and buy this immediately.  I have had mine for months and I have to say there is nothing else out there that compares... (that I have seen)
      Happy shopping....

      Oh... here is the link for it in black
    • CommonTek
      By CommonTek
      Well…. I’m ruined.
      I went to Best Buy tonight on my ride home, cutting through the [4 letter word] snow, and made my way to the Microsoft carpet in the corner.  I was there to check out the new MS hardware.  Unfortunately, yet unsurprisingly, they did not have the Surface Book on display.  That was fine, as I was really there to check out the SP4 and its accessories.  I picked up the tethered SP4, turned it around, and said ‘meh.’   I then clicked the new SP4 keyboard in, placed my stubby little fingers upon the keys and then it began… puppies rained from the ceiling, butterflies fluttered about, and rainbows were cast throughout the store.
      It. Was. That. Good.
      I’m somehow who prefers a short key travel, so that has never been much of an issue for me on the SP3, but the SP4 keyboard has just a bit more travel that simply just feel perfect.  The depression is also sports a more satisfying firmness compared to the spongy experience on the SP3.  The new key mechanism makes a big difference, providing solid, even depression no matter where impact is made. The spacing of the keys was the real godsend.  I was able to flow without any keying errors at full rate; something I cannot accomplish on the SP3 keyboard as my robust phalanges regularly trip two keys at once. If that wasn’t enough, I placed my thumb down upon the new trackpad, made a move, and tinkled my pants a little.  The range of motion the 30% larger trackpad provides is lightyears better; I was able to actually have nearly full range of motion of my thumb without smashing into the fabric barriers, and responsiveness was more than adequate.  I played on the keyboard for about 20 minutes before even noticing the sexy assistant patiently waiting at its side.   
      The Pen, which I’ve come to now refer to as Electra, was a fantastic improvement as well.  The pen I was using had what I imagine is the default tip, reminiscent of the felt tip sharpie pens I’m so fond of.  The action on the glass felt X-rated, again… It. Was. That. Good. The felt tip made writing upon the glass surface not just acceptable, but enjoyable.  I’ve never been a huge fan of the plastic tip on the SP3 pen and how it feels exactly like you would expect writing on glass would feel; the lack of resistance and/or friction has always been a bit unnerving. The felt tip on the new gen pen provides the right amount of friction and resistance, and makes writing on glass as close to writing on a piece of paper as I’ve ever experienced.  The best comparison I can make is the feeling of writing with a felt tip pen on a high gloss piece of cover stock. 
      In all of my time at the store (I’m honestly surprised they didn’t ask me to leave for as long as I stood there covering the table in drool), I only found one minor hiccup.  That hiccup was that I could not get double tap and hold on the trackpad to highlight/select.  I’m not a ‘clicker’ of the trackpad, so this was a bit of a letdown.  Double tap to click works fine; it was just the select/hold function of a double tap that wasn’t working.  There wasn’t a SP3 or another SP4 near enough to allow me to try the tethered keyboard on it, so I’m unclear whether the issue is keyboard or Surface related, but, I assume that it is probably a driver issue and may have been resolved in the first batch of updates.
      So, as I stated at the start, I’m officially ruined.  I sit here typing this on my stupid, toy like, SP3 keyboard, mashing spongy keys (often the wrong one too), and trying to navigate using this stupid postage stamp of a track pad.  I’ve even pulled a Carol, whispering ‘Look at the Flowers’ as I retired the pen to a pocket for it to never see the light of day again (Walking Dead reference).  I’ve tasted the sweet, succulent, nectar of the SP4 accessories, and I can’t wait to have the scratch to marry them with my SP3… anyone with a SP3 should seriously consider the same.
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