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Dave's Phone Woes And Other Issues


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It seems that Dave is not alone in his issue with Verizon phones being activated on other accounts.  I saw the issue earlier in the week and the lady stated that she knew someone from a Verizon store that should be able to fix it.  Sounds really similar to what that guy tried to tell Dave.  In a separate issue, another lady bought a "new" T-Mobile "Galaxy Note II" on eBay, but it was a fake (screen resolution as well as overall weight and shape were wrong).  BE CAREFULL on eBay.  I have sold phones on eBay and considered purchasing them but I am getting more worried about this.  I am starting to think that craigslist is a better option because you can meet at a store and make sure everything is good to go.

I have Verizon 4G and I am able to move my SIM card between my Nokia Lumia 822 and my BlackBerry Z10.  I am wondering what would happen if I put my SIM card into a phone that was active on another Verizon account. (For example if you were in a situation where someone sold you a phone that wasn't as "new" as they said.)  Verizon does associate both the IMEI and SIM with a given account, but since the phone number is actually tied to the SIM, my guess is that the phone would work.   When I get the chance to test this I will, but  if anyone knows more I would be interested in hearing about your experience.

In regards to Verizon unlimited data plans, you **should** be able to keep it even if you move to 4G with a SIM card, as long as you buy your own phone. When you are getting it activated, just make sure the person doing the swap is able to confirm that the unlimited data plan is still there.  Verizon's activation system will actually show which features are being added and which are being removed before it completes the activation.

Below is an FAQ from the Verizon website regarding 4G and unlimited.

"I'm a current Verizon customer with a 3G phone, but I need faster data downloads. Do I have to go to the new Share Everything® Plan if I upgrade to a 4G phone?
No, you aren’t required to switch to the Share Everything Plan, even when upgrading your device.

However, if you currently have an unlimited data plan, you won’t be able to keep it if you upgrade at a discounted price. You can choose from a plan with a standalone data package or the Share Everything Plan. If keeping unlimited data is important to you, you have the option to pay full retail price for a new phone.

Pasted from <http://support.verizonwireless.com/clc/faqs/Calling%20Plans/share_everything.html> "

Comments? Thoughts? Has anyone else had better luck picking up used Windows Phones?

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