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Windows Phone 8 Podcast Playback Issues


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I actually have noticed this now on two Nokia920 phones.


My first 920 had issues with the SIM card and I exchanged it for the second one. Both have had the same issue.


I have had several issues where I have subscribed to a podcast. And sometimes I get an error when I attempt to playback the podcast. When I click the "Close" button on the error dialog, I can attempt to playback the same episode of the podcast and it generally will play the second attempt. Sometimes it takes 3 attempts to get the podcast to play.


Has anyone had this issue before?


At first I was going to point fingers at a specific podcast but, when it's the podcast, the file is generally corrupt in some way. However, I've seen the above issue on multiple audio and video podcasts by various artists/creators. I've been unable to determine a pattern yet.


As a long time Windows Phone user (My original was a Samsung Focus that I bought on the first day they were available with WP7), I'm used to the Windows Phone functionality and I find this odd and not reflecting well on both the WP8 and Nokia920.

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I have had this happen a few times as well.

WPCentral had Rob Greenlee, Content Manager for Microsoft Podcasts, on their podcast two episodes ago.

He claims they know there are ongoing issues with the podcasts in WP, and promises they are being addressed.

He said they are also working on boosting the number of podcasts available, saying that they receive a lot of complaints about missing content.

I don't know if these things will be addressed in Blue or sooner. If I had to guess, I would say they will probably wait until blue to fix the playback errors involved with Podcasts, seeing as there is a work around by simply pressing 'play' until it works. Still, its annoying.

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