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What A Shame


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I'm so disappointed in Samsung lately. They controlled the Windows Phone Market until Windows Phone 8. Now their not even selling a phone in the US that has WP8, a half a year after the launch.

Their Focus line was a great lineup. All the phones had my highest recommendations.

I love Samsung's AMOLED screens, and want to see more of them!!!


Seems like they are mad at WP. Anyone remember the Focus 2? Not the Focus S, the Focus 2. It had full LTE, 4.3 inch SAMOLED+ screen, slot for SD card, and came in white. If you don't recall this phone, it's because they did not advertise it, or sell it in stores! I had to order mine online.

I know there are rumors about a Samsung coming to Tmobile, or the ATV S finally coming to AT&T, but it's to late. They would be better to wait until the fall refresh of handsets, and I am not sure too many people would be in line for a Samsung WP at this point.


I guess we lost them to Android.

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