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Asus Vivobook X202E


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I just want to give a shout out to this little amazing laptop.
I bought it and have been nothing but impressed
It's only an i3, but it performs amazingly, and last all day for me.

The touch is phenomenal on this device, and the track pad works better then most other laptops I've tested. the gestures work EVERY single time I go to use them.
The screen looks great, and I use it outdoors mainly.

The keyboard is better then Dell's but not quite a Lenovo

This laptop goes for a great price of $499!


Also, ASUS seems to be great with customer support. I had cracked the screen last month, and they did the repair for $140 and had it back to me in a week.

Staples, and Best Buy both wanted $700 to repair the screen. More then the cost of a new one.



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Hey Darren, heard your little plug about the Asus touch pad, glad you feel the same about it as I do. It just works, plain and simple. Wish the other OEMs would tweak their's

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I bought one of these from the Microsoft online store earlier this year, and I'll echo the positive review comments.  It now looks like Microsoft is selling it for $399 which is a great deal.  It's got the Microsoft Signature treatment, which eliminates junkware and trialware and optimizes performance.



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I was all about the T100, but then I got to play around with the X202E, I really can't decide.............

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I think I'm going to go with the X202E. Did some research, and found a great video review that showed off the trackpad working great (after an update), verifying what LawnPaul said about it.

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