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Media On Sd In Music And Video App


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I got my Surface RT a few weeks after release. Had my husband take one home to Sweden from New York. One thing I still have not got to work well is how to use the SD card in a good way. For example, how do I get media like music and video to show up in the metro/modern interface apps. As Of now I have to open up one song at a time from the file menu and not a playlist or album.


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I thought I dug up somewhere how to turn indexing on for the SD and USB ports for RT. If I come across it again, I'll copy a link to the blog.

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Havent got it to work yet. Only the picture folder showed up and it was buggy and removed files still showed up as grey boxes that could not be opened. I will try again and do an indexing and rename the folders to the standard WIndows names and see if that helps.

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      Basically, within the XBOX Music application, I ended up having to select the option to "Open Files" to even get to the music I loaded. For what it's worth, I went through the instructions referred to in another post (directed to a link from Paul Thurrott) to add the SD card to my various libraries. I was cautious to add the music to the My Music folder. Either way, the XBOX Music app didn't see the music as being there. I suppose that's a different problem for a different day because what actually transpired was much worse.
      When I start playing the music, it would skip about 4-5 times. By skipping, I mean, there was a discernible pause of about 1-2 seconds and then the music would resume. The good news was, the file would ultimately play. I chalked this up to the tablet caching something. The bad news is, the second the song was over, I would receive multiple (very loud) blocks of a buzzing sound and then the tablet would never play the next song. I would receive an error that says "Can't Play".
      I am worried that because I wasn't online, the tablet was attempting to make a connection to the XBOX service to get album information or whatever and was knocking me out. Has anyone else attempted to play music while "offline"? Has anyone else run into this issue? Any ideas?
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