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I am a huge MicroFan, and I have managed to get many people to switch to the platform. Since the 920's release I have managed to get 4 people to switch to it.

I always show them my 900 and the quality, durability, ect, ect.. eventually they will tell me to prove it, and I always do so, with a shoulder height drop test, or attempt to scratch the screen.
I have always been lucky, and my 900 has NEVER failed this part of my pitch for a Lumia.


Like I said, I managed to get 4 people to switch over to the 920.

as of yesterday, all 4 of them have shattered screens with no effort to it.
2 of them broke from sliding off the couch onto the carpet. Not thin outdoor carpet either.


I've seen no issues with the 100s of drops I've done, or my other friends with 900s.

It must be the outward curved glass.


on a side note, I have seen 820's, and 822's take a beating as well without any breaking.


If you're curious on the durability of any phones you may be looking at, just ask me, or PM me. I have owned every Windows phone personally (except the 920), between my and my girlfriend. and I have sold a lot of people on the platform

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We have two Lumia 920s at our house and one Lumia 820 that we bought at launch, but none of them have broken screens. The 820 belongs to a 12-year-old. All three phones have rubberized cases, the 12-year-old's being the most protective. The 920s have the Incipio cases that leave the top and bottom completely exposed.


I have dropped my phone on the floor of the garage, which I have to say I don't recommend, but it seems to be reasonably durable. My son shattered the screens on three HTC HD7 phones, but most phones shatter when they are stomped on during a dance party or fall out of the window of a moving vehicle. (True stories.) Although my son was not lucky with the HD7, I had one for two years without breaking the screen. After 4 months as a 920 owner, I would rate the 920 as more durable than the HD7.


That said, mileage varies, and your friends are probably not very happy right now.

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My wife and I both have 900s. We've both dropped them a number of times, on hardwood, carpet, and ceramic tile. So far, not even a scratch (crosses fingers :) )

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Ya, the HD7 seems like an overly solid phone, in the fact that what's felt on the left, effects the right.

In my honest opinion, aside from the 900, the Samsung Focus Flash is one if the toughest little phones out there. Great for kids to play with.

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Just an update, I have repaired all their phones for a mere  $53 by purchasing new screens on ETrade.

I am happy to report they are all in perfect working condition!

Ehem... that's $53 per phone...

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