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How To Get Media On A Surface Rt


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A customer just asked me the other day how he would get his iTunes music collection on his RT. (On a side note, he really took a step back when I told him that he couldn't install iTunes on the RT:)  At first I responded that you plug it into your computer just like any other tablet/phone.  Quickly I realized that this wouldn't really work, so I told him he could just copy and paste the files over the network and then have them locally.  


Does anyone have a better solution for this?



This situation really made me think about how the Surface is really in a different category than all other phone/tablet OSes.  Everything else gets plugged into a computer as if it were secondary device or a client of some type.  While the Surface RT might not be "Full Windows" it is still its own "device" in a way that other tablets are not.

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I use Skydrive as a way to get data on and off my RT.

For music and media, I put a microsd card in my home pc and copy over the files I want, then put it back in the RT.

I am not a iTunes user, so I cant help you with that specifically.

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