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Question with this Motherboard


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Have not used this particular board but Zotac has been pretty good in the past. This is a full featured board and should do the job for you.

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is this a good board ZOTAC H55ITX-A-E LGA 1156. i know it more expensive that a gigabyte itx but cannot find it at frys or microcenter


I used the 775 version of that board and I am EXTREMELY happny with it. Check out the details of the build at:






Good luck and post a few pictures.



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Guest no-control

I looked at this board when I wanted to do an ITX build and ended up getting the Gigabyte instead. I didn't need/want the wifi and preferred the socket location as it allowed for more aftermarket cooler options. The mPCIe slot is also only good for wifi from what I understand, so no options to use it as anything else (SSD, Drive expander, Blu Ray etc...)


Zotac seems to be pretty good for a second tier company and really the main player in the ITX market along with DFI another second tier manuf.GigaByte is just stepping in and the only top tier in the small board game. Take that with a grain of salt.

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