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Getting My Pro And So Far


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I showed up at the Oak Brook IL Microsoft store on release day (9th).  I showed up at about 10:10 and they were open at 10 (Oak Brook is an outdoor mall near Chicago, I wasn't showing up early and waiting outside).  By the time I got there, all the 64 and 128s were sold out.  There was a waiting list and I put my name on the list (page one about half way down.)  I would say there was about 15 128s on the list and about 2 64s.


Wednesday (13th) I got call from the store and my surface was in and I picked it up that night.  In and out. 


Saturday was using my Pro my eyes got attracted to one spot on the screen.  It seems one pixel was too bright.  ONE FLIPPING PIXEL, but I just can't unsee it and now it attracts my eye like a magnet.  I ran through a pixel fixer on youtube with no luck.  I went to the support site online and tried the chat.  They recommended I run a pixel fixer app for about 5 min.  No luck.  They asked my to try a refresh, no luck.  It looks like I'm going to have to try to do a return, but that'll have to be when supply is available.  with the price of the surface, I don't want to put up with an imperfection in the first week.


I did learn from the chat that you can get the total car for 100 bucks now (normally 150).  I'm leaning to getting the total care when I do my return.


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I got my replacement pro.  So far looking good.  I also got the service plan.   With the openings for the fans, I think there is more chances of liquids getting in and killing the computer.  I think the plan is worth it for the pro not the rt.

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