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HP Microserver & N36L Processor


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I am interested, as I think many are, in the HP Microserver. I currently use an MSI Wind Nettop with the Atom 330 Dual Core chip. It runs great with WHS, but there is only room for 2 HD's inside the case.


I'd want to see benchmarks for this N36L processor compared to the 330 directly.

http://www.tenniswood.co.uk/technology/windows-home-server/hp-microserver-vs-acer-h340-performance-comparison/ has the N36L at CPU Mark of 878.

http://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu_lookup.php?cpu=Intel+Atom+330+%40+1.60GHz shows the Atom 330 at 634, so as long as those are on the same scale, I guess there is my answer.


I'd love to see a lower cost version with no 160GB hard drive (what am I going to do with that?) and 1GB Ram stick, since both of those would just be upgraded.

Even better would be a slight step up in processor. Anyone know if the processor is removable/upgradable?


I've heard you need to set up an automated install process in order to have Vail skip the processor check, has anyone been able to test this yet?

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Yes, you do have to set up an unattended install in order to bypass the hardware checks. You actually can put in just the bypass hardware line and nothing else though, and go through the rest of the install normally. I believe that this will not be the case for RTM - a 1.3GHz dual-core will be allowed.


The 160GB drive is great for a system drive and allows you to keep that drive seperate from the data drives. Not such a good idea in WHSv1, but work just fine in Vail, you can remove the system drive from the storage pool completely. Also, I'm pretty sure the processor isn't upgradeable. It's under a heat sink, which makes it hard to tell, but it didn't look like anything on the board was designed to be easily removed and replaced.

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Also, I'm pretty sure the processor isn't upgradeable. It's under a heat sink, which makes it hard to tell, but it didn't look like anything on the board was designed to be easily removed and replaced.

I'm thinking it may be. My atom chip's heat sink is secured by some screws, it looks like this one has those compression bars like a normal processor/heat sink. Here's hoping it is upgradeable.

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I though you might be interested to learn I managed to get the microsoft development team to lower the requirements to access this AMD 1.3ghz processor in the final version of VAIL, something that should show up if they release another build. For now you need to use the config file to override the hardware check.



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Wrote this sprawling post, then realised this subject has been covered, in short HP Microserver (with £100 rebate seems a no brainer)

HP Microserver in – Shuttle K45 out – WHS ver 1


My first server was an old repurposed Dell 4600, and I then built my Shuttle K45. I thought this was a good idea when I bought it, but quickly regretted the choice due to the loud fan. It remained my workhorse for over 18 months, and as my WHS was becoming full (3TB) I decided to get a new machine with greater expandability.


I set my heart on a self-build , I imagine like most forum members, especially when I heard HP were pulling out of the market. I did monitor the price drop as HP sold off the 490s, but never bit.


Then surprisingly I started to see posts about the HP microserver, and the £100 cash back, taking the price down from £229.92 to £129.92 for a 4 bay business class microserver. I bit. I could buy this and at the very least it was better priced than a NAS solution.

• 1.30Ghz Athlon Neo N36L Dual Core (64 bit)

• The build quality is excellent

• It’s quiet (not silent)

• 4 bays (not hot swap)

• DVD Bay

• The motherboard slides out for RAM upgrade

• One expansion slot.

The microserver is designed for Server 2008, and therefore to get it to work with WHS Ver 1 did require getting hold of additional drivers. I followed the forum advice from Wegotserved for drivers and I ‘reinstalled’ WHS Ver 1.0, my add-ins are

• Mymovies, Add-in central, Disk Management, Advanced Admin Console and Perfect Disk 11.


and was up and running in no time. I added an additional 2TB drive and….well nothing…it just sits and does its thing.

Prior to buying this I used to power my server down every night, now I have a box I’m confident to just leave on 24/7.

To say I’m pleased is an understatement, HP have extended the offer, and despite the gut instinct to self-build I have just ordered a 2nd microserver, to be my WHS 2011 or ‘other’.


I currently have the old Dell in the Garage to back up my server, using synctoy, may replace that with the new microserver running Windows 7 – Ultimate (need HDD encryption). Selling off the shuttle K45 – my first real server.

Sorry for the long post

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