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Agree. Kindle and Nook have their flakey downsides:

  • Kindle wants to immediately run in cloud mode and hardly gives you time to select it before trying to open the same book, on the cloud, that you have already downloaded on your RT. I've also found this to be a buggy app, crashing repeatedly.
  • Nook also has issues with crashing. Though not as prominent as Kindle. However, my biggest issue with this app is the fact that NOOK decided to not allow you to write notes. Apparently, the note taking ability is only available to Nook tablets and eReaders. Kindle allows for note taking but, not NOOK. I used this for my Bible app on my SimpleTouch eReader and really appreciated it. Nook should really fix this oversight OR change their minds about this. I understand most people won't use this feature. However, having the ability to have notes sync'd between devices using Kindle is a nice feature. And a glaring problem for those of us that want to continue to use their NOOKs in conjunction with their tablets.
  • Overdrive. I am pleasantly surprised at this app. It can sometimes be slow but, it is much more stable than the Kindle and Nook apps.
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I really wish there was an on parity with iBook for Windows RT/8. Not the store, but the support the iBooks app offers for DRM-Free ebup docs is unsurpassed. Beautiful layout, support for rich highlighting and annotating, effortless cloud sync of said highlighting and annotating, and support for embedded links makes it the gold standard for epub readers. The reader app on Windows 8 would be close if they just added epub support. SkyDrive is already there.

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I just downloaded the app and messed with it for a few moments:


I like the redesign of the app.

  • The Library is better than the previous one.
  • The Story is easier to navigate.
  • Search is better too.
  • However, the App still seems a little slow on the RT.


I'll have to test the PDF support and Side loading still.


  • Owning an RT, I don't see the reason for using the BN app to read PDF's. I'll just use one of the PDF reader apps instead.
  • Not sure about the ePub support either. It maybe just fine. I'll have to get a freebie epub file and give it a shot.


However, I use Overdrive for Library books. The process is just to easy to justify side loading like I did on my BN eReader device. 

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