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Twonky + HP Video Converter problems


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Once upon a time, Twonky + HP Video Converter played nicely together. HP Video Converter had already converted about a quarter of my movies to iPod/Zune format, and I was watching them on my iTouch via iStream. All the while, HP Video Converter was still doing its thing in the background.

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**Update: Using HP's web interface, I accessed Media Streamer. I saw 3 converted vids available for streaming. Then I clicked 'Status' (top right-hand area) and checked the box - Show All Converted Videos. Now I could see 16 converted videos and 4 failed conversions. These 16 + 4 did not include the 3 available for streaming.

Seems to me, if they show up as converted in 'Status', they ought to be available for streaming. But they're not. And rebuilding the TwonkyMedia database hasn't helped yet.

And here's the other thing: I actually have 30 converted videos in the 'Converted Videos' shared folder. So this is a good mystery. I'm thinking I'll solve this whole thing by exploring the wonders of server re-installation. Still, if anyone has any insight...

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Ok, I think I can kinda put this thing to rest. I am now able to see all but 3 videos in iStream and Media Streamer. I'm not sure but it looks as though Twonky has an issue with case-sensitivity.

Before I initially interrupted the conversion process, I had created a profile named 'ipod'. That profile name became the folder name for the converted videos.

When I went to do the single iPhone-format conversion, I deleted the 'ipod' profile because I didn't want it at the moment.

When I restarted my original conversion process, I created a profile named 'iPod'. I believe that case difference between 'ipod' and 'iPod' was giving Twonky problems because files were named 'movieTitle_ipod.mp4' or 'movieTitle_iPod.mp4'. Since the only movies showing up were the ones with _iPod in their name, I went and changed the others so they'd be the same. That fixed it so that there were only 3 movies still not showing. I looked over their properties, compared them to the files that showed up, but could see no difference. So, I deleted those 3 and figured 'close enough'. I'll just convert them again and hopefully everything from here on out will be good.

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Ya, as nice as it is, Twonky seems a bit frail, glitchy. Just an observation. For example, this morning I 'woke' my server from the WHS Connector in my PC's systray, then RDP'd in. There was a Windows error message, one that I had also seen yesterday:


TwonkyMediaServer.exe encountered a problem and need to close.

[*]Error signature
szAppName: TwonkyMediaServer.exe szAppVerL
szModName: TwonkyMediaServer.exe szModVer: offset: 0002ecbd

[*]Error Report Contents

The following files will be included in this error report:


[*]Right now I'm in the middle of a server re-installation and it's not going particularly well. This is something I wanted to do, anyway, just to test and make sure I could do it. No worries because I did a proper disconnect of the 2nd hdd so that everything on the server is on the Seagate that came with the EX495. I can always stick that back in if this reinstall goes south.

So I'll tell you a little bit about my experience, so far. I've been unable to do an actual 'Factory Reset installation' to a blank (more or less, no OS but maybe some data that I don't mind losing) WD Green 1 TB hdd. At this point, I'm now running a 'Restore' from my XP Pro laptop. *fingers crossed* But if this also goes south, I'll try one last time from a Vista PC. And if that should fail, I'm hoping HP support will be able to help me out. *fingers doubly crossed on that* haha... We'll see.

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Man, there are a lot of posts out there about Twonky-related problems on WHS. Nice to know, eh?

So, can we assume that HP/Twonky will get their act together?

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