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I understand your skepticism about the review, but I also understand his frustration. I'm a touch typist and I also find it really frustrating when a keyboard gets 'in my way' or slows me down. I will have to see for myself when I get my own Surface Pro and Type keyboard. If it proves to be an issue, I do have an MS Bluetooth KB I can use.

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schoondog, it's funny. I have been reading review after review (probably a little OCD at this point, to be very honest) and have noticed that all of them are significantly longer and go into much more detail than what this guy published. He specifically mentioned "warts" but only really covers one item, the keyboard. I feel like most of the reviews I have read are pretty negative and have revolved around battery life, screen resolution (scaling to be more exact), and the keyboard. People seem to be either comparing the Surface Pro to the iPad (whatever - I have owned multiple iPads and I don't see how anyone can reasonably make this comparison) or to an actual laptop. They have essentially hammered all the nails into the Surface Pro's coffin for not fitting into some comfortable space that makes sense to them. I believe this product can (and will be) more than a niche product. I believe that once organizations see how much more they can do with the SP out of the box versus having to write special apps or shoe-horn some other kind of solution onto it, it's adoption will accelerate.


I have to be honest, working in technology, I very rarely find "the perfect" product; something without any compromises. More times than not, I am left looking for something that will make what I am using easier or better (and that's perfectly fine for me, while it may not be for some others). Case in point, when I loaded Win8 on my Lenovo ThinkPad W520, I found using a mouse (within the confines of Win8) to be a suboptimal experience. So, I started looking around and ran across the Logitech T650 wireless touchpad. It's made my entire experience much better and I am happy to use it over a mouse for those times that I am sitting at my desk.  


I am super excited about the Surface Pro - in fact, I am pretty sure I am going to try to replace my laptop with it. Funny enough, I am slightly worried about not having an integrated Ethernet port and also having to leave behind my dual-monitor setup that I currently use. I don't sit on cross-continental flights every week and I have always been very opportunistic about charging my devices so the whole battery issue isn't too concerning to me. I have been using the Type cover on my RT with decent success (although I am not a crazy-fast 100 wpm typist like Forbesboi). Again, if the Type cover becomes an impediment, I have already purchased a Logitech BT keyboard that I will use in place of it. Seriously, it cost me less than the Type cover and while it's not attached (and can't be used as a cover), I am not sure that's a big deal to me.


If it helps you cut through the noise, I have found a couple of reviews that I think are really well worth your time to read. The first one is on Anandtech and can be found here: http://www.anandtech.com/show/6695/microsoft-surface-pro-review. The second is Paul Thurrott's working review and I believe provides another fair, even-handed looks into this device. His work can be found here: http://winsupersite.com/windows-8/microsoft-surface-windows-8-pro-review.


Just as an aside, I am getting kind of tired of all the negative pub the Surface has been generating since the RT was released back in October '12. I really don't think the RT is a bad device and honestly has a place for a good number of people. I know this is squishy (non-quantifiable), but I don't recall people torching the iPad and all the stuff it couldn't do (and still can't) this badly. I am afraid that the current climate we live in has made it too easy for anyone to turn themselves into a so-called journalist and worse, a self-proclaimed tech-professional. Plus there is just no end in sight for the number of website trolling for eyeballs so all kinds of fluff and pomp gets published without true journalistic integrity - you know, the kind of writing you have come to rely on where they check and double-check their sources before publishing and pontificating. Used to be someone would go off the rails and publish something that was later found to be untrue (and/or horribly skewed by personal bias - I am looking squarely at you, Walt Mosspuppet) and people would just avoid reading them ever again because they can't be trusted. Sadly, I don't think that happens on the internet as much as it should. </end_soapbox_rant>


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