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I am still leaning toward the Surface Pro for a work computer, but the Revolve definitely has potential.

Its 1366x768 screen is the only limitation I can see.

In the features they list an optional Active Pen, hopefully this means active digitizer.

Up to a 256GB SSD and 12GB memory.

It offers a docking solution as well, a big plus for IT.


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That HP looks really cool. I like the fact that you can get a larger drive, more RAM, and the docking station. I would worry about the resolution - lack of screen space has always been something I have regretted not getting more of when I had the chance.


I am going to pick up a Surface Pro next weekend (as long as I can actually get one...). I realize there are going to be some compromises, but after having rolled around with the RT since October, I think it will be a great upgrade. For me, if I can run some of my network tools, Hyper-V, and Outlook, I am going to be pretty good shape. I figure, in lieu of a docking station, I am going to hang a USB hub off the device and plug that in along with a 27" monitor. Docking station would be better/cleaner, but this is going to be a trade off I am going to try to live with.

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Looks interesting.  Never been a big fan of the rotating screen as I had a Toshiba that did this back in the day and it just seemed to flimsy.  Let us know if you get one and how well it works.

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