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Issues With Displaying Through A Projector


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The minimum resolution the Surface will drive is 1366x768, I don't think it gives you any options below that.

I am going to try one of these as soon as my friend drops it off. The VGA adapter from Microsoft is fairly limited and is somewhat of a passive solution. This unit should make the Surface RT think it is talking to a 1080 device, then convert the signal to the native resolution of the device connected to it.


I will let you know if it works.

Hey schoondog:


Any news with your tests on adapters or the item at newegg?




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Are you duplicating your display or extending to the second display? I have had good luck with 2013 PPT if I extend the display to the projector. I think I had the same experience as you, one time w

What is the resolution on the projector? I need to deliver training next week, I will use my Surface to see if I can replicate the issue. I will try to use a projector with the same resolution as your

The VGA adapter on the Surface RT is limited to resolution from 1366x768 to 1920x1080. Most older projectors are 1024x768 or 1280x1024. I would assume the adapter would not display if you are out side


I have not been able to get any of the projectors in the office to replicate the issue, but I have had this problem happen in the past. The video converter seems to work well, color is not perfect. It matches the resolution of the projector and then tells the HDMI port what resolution to run at. HiramSS I sent you a message.

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Hi schoondog:


Pls don't feel that I'm rushing you!  Just that I'm new to the "message" part of the Forum and want to confirm that you received my response to yours.



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I have a similar issue, which is why I joined surfacegeeks.


I have a Surface Pro 3.  In the office, I connect it to an external monitor via docking station (which provides a lower quality/resolution image); as well as external keyboard and external mouse.  It all works fairly well.  I set up the display for "sharing" the screen.


One problem I continue to have is with Microsoft Powerpoint.  When I work on creating slides, it's fine.  But then when I run a Powerpoint show; after it closes; the settings somehow change automatically to extended screen; and I lose what's on my remote screen.  This has happened more than ten times.


I tried looking into Powerpoint for a setting, but could not find any.  --Anybody out there dealt with this successfully?

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