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Issues With Displaying Through A Projector


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I am a Church Pastor with a weekly Bible Study.  I prepare it with MS PowerPoint 2013 for Windows. I use the VGA Adapter I bought with the Surface to connect to the VGA cable that comes from the BenQ projector.


The connection initially seems ok, but after a few minutes a number of things can and do happen:


1- PPt opens up in presentation mode, then closes

2- PPt starts in presentation mode then switches to slide show mode, but doesn't advance

3- PPt shows on my Surface, but only my pc wallpaper shows on screen

4- Surface display switches from Duplicate to Extend (or vice-versa, I think)

5- Others I don't recall


Eventually, I give up :angry:  and take out my laptop, and the presentation runs smoothly.


One of the main reasons I got the Surface was as a productivity tool, so that I wouldn't have to travel with my laptop!


This smells like a problem with the Surface/VGA Adapter, and its connection to the VGA cable. (I guess.)


Can anyone shed light?



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Are you duplicating your display or extending to the second display?

I have had good luck with 2013 PPT if I extend the display to the projector.

I think I had the same experience as you, one time when I duplicated my screen.

When you extend to the projector in PPT 2013 and you enter presentation mode, you get the PPT on the projector/second screen and on the main screen you get the slide, preview of the next slide and your notes.

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Schoondog, I get an error message when trying to like your post., but thanks sooooo much!


I'll try this and get back. Sounds promising.


God bless you.

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I'm back Schoondog:


1- Did exactly as you suggested last week, and it began fine.  (Actually, I eventually tried Duplicate and others, and it would always go back to Extend.)


Opened PPt ... RT: Devices/2nd Screen/Extend ... Clicked Slideshow on PPT ... RT showed Presenter View, Screen: PPt slide ... proceeded well, animations and all.


BUT, over and over again, at some time, there seemed to be what I'm calling a re-boot.  There was a double chime sound (the sound heard when you plug-in or remove a USB in RT). Then, for a split second or two, the Surface RT would sort of blink.  I would see the Presenter View of the PPT, but the projector screen only showed my desktop background.


2- After numerous occasions, I accidently realized that to correct the issue I had to:


Click ESC, which took the PPt back to the initial screen (when you open it to work on it; with slide previews in left margin).  Then I would repeat Devices/Extend; Slideshow on PPt; and the RT would return to presenter view (where it had left off!).  Until it re-booted again!!!  Over and over, again.


THIS HAS MADE ME SICK!!!  Yesterday was the last day I had to return the Surface RT.


3- I decided to try projecting other things.


Web page, Skydrive, Video: Only worked in Duplicate.  When they opened, in RT I noticed that they only took up all but a one inch black margin on either side.  But what was on projector screen was perfect.


These all too, sooner or later, would reboot, but go back to exactly what was showing.  The video would loose image, but keep sound, until the image came back.


I REPEAT: THIS HAS ME SICK.  You certainly seem to know a lot more about these things than me.  I'm thinking: maybe it has to do with the VGA connection ... it loses signal, then has to search for it again???!!!  For tonight's Bible Study I'll carry my laptop as a backup.


I'm at your mercy. (and the Lord's!)


Hope to hear from you soon.

God bless.

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HiramSS, have you talked to MS. I presume there is no MS Store near you, so perhaps you could call MS and start a support ticket. Also, have you gone to the MS forums. If you go to this site there is a link on the right for live Surface support.

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What is the resolution on the projector? I need to deliver training next week, I will use my Surface to see if I can replicate the issue. I will try to use a projector with the same resolution as yours.

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The VGA adapter on the Surface RT is limited to resolution from 1366x768 to 1920x1080. Most older projectors are 1024x768 or 1280x1024. I would assume the adapter would not display if you are out side of this range, but when you mention a black margin on the sides this could be a resolution issue. Can you give us the model number for the projector?

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Thanks to both Ikon and Schoondog.


Ikon: I'll keep your alternatives as an option.  There is a Microsoft Store about 30mins from home.


Schoondog: I so appreciate what you are willing to do to help me. I'm in love with my RT.  But I bought it for all it is, and especially portability. (No need to travel with laptop.) The projector issue is heart-breaking.


I'll look into the resolution factor on my side.  The projector is a BenQ.  I'll stop by Church later, and get you model #.  Be on the lookout!


God bless you, both.

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