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Podcast 109, What do you think ?


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Hi Guys,


On this weeks podcast we talked about the new 3TB hard drives starting to appear. Looks like drives are going to a new level. It won't be so easy as plug and play with these drives. There are a few issues you will have to consider. So take a look at the links and give us your feedback.





This week's Special Feature is a WHS addin called "MSEN" for Micosoft Security Essentials Notifier. developed by Christian Johnson.


You must 1st have the Microsoft Security Essentials beta from the connect.microsoft site installed on your server. Then install this tiny addin. It captures the the events that Security Essentials sends to the event log and temporarily sends them as warnings to your desktop's WHS connector. It's pretty basic at version but gets the job done quick and easy. So give it a try and discuss it in the forums.



We also went over how Christian runs subsonic on his server. Like some of us have done, subsonic is a audio streamer with a web interface so you can access your music content from afar. The twist here is that Christian has added video to subsonic and loves it. So lets discuss this in the forums. Would you like to see this as an addin ?


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I caught about half of the show. Christian sounds like a young man that will go far with his ambitions.

This was my first time on the Live UStream, I am not sure if it is my network here at work, but I was not able to view or participate in the chat.

I especially enjoy the Pre-Show chatter.


Keep up the good work all.


Mr Bill

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Fantastic show guys. Wish I could be home in time for the live chat but I am there in spirit.


Looking forward to your views on the new 3TB drive on the next BYOB, we had no time to prepare.

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Great episode!


3TB discussion got me thinking about integrated RAID controllers on devices like the Mediasonic HFR2-SU3S2, and whether they'll ever be able to handle 3GB drives. A whole 'nother level of complexity to consider, and very little info out there, but it's early yet.


Anyhow, right now, I'm still dealing with getting 2 WD 2TB drives working in a striped 4GB array (for offsite backup, and to facilitate planned migration to Vail). I initialized with GPT and formatted NTFS, but nearly-Dead On Arrival WD drive bit me, story over here:



Learned my lesson, keep it simple and test the drives on plain SATA connectors, doing read/writes, BEFORE bothering to try to RAID them.


Oh well, I had some reason for optimism, as it's actually my first DOA I've ever encountered among dozens of drives I've used over the past ~20 years (PCs, family TiVos, etc).

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We started talking about these 3T drives on BYOB show 18 and I just ordered one for testing and evaluation, Will run it on Vail Windows 7. Should be here on Monday. Keep you posted.

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A big "Thank You" goes out to all the blogs that picked up the MSEN story and gave homeservershow and John some credit. Also to Christian for the cool Add-In!

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