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Spanish Skydrive Title


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I just recently was going to save a Word document to SkyDrive, when I realized that the option to save to "Someone's Skydrive" says "Alguien's SkyDrive." [The word "Alguien" is "Someone" in Spanish.] It had always said "Someone's".


Granted, I live in a country where Spanish is the prevalent language, but I do most everything in English, and I certainly never changed the English to Spanish!


Any ideas???

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Solved my issue above.


1- went to skydrive.com/profile/edit/add name to account. gave it my name.

2- on my laptop/pc, I repaired office 2013.

3- rebooted. now the skydrive option shows the name I gave it.


go figure!



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This can happen when you install an app that has a foreign language as the primary.  You can Google how to resolve this.  It was supposed to fixed in patch however I still hear some people are having the issue.  It happened once to me shortly after the release but I cannot recall how I fixed it.

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