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Associating A Power Profile With A Tile


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Apps like Skype do not allow the Surface RT to go to sleep while the app is busy. However, if you stream SiriusXM music in IE, the tablet will go to sleep after a minute or so, cutting off the audio. Is there a way to flag a browser-based tile as "do not put to sleep"? I have had to create a special power profile just for listening to SiriusXM and I have to remember to revert to the standard profile when I stop listening.

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pquirk, I have experienced the same issue as you and unfortunately, don't have any solution to provide. I am accessing the SiriusXM web player through the desktop version of IE (for what it's worth, I can't get the player to load in the Metro version of IE). It will play for a while and then turn off, only to resume, immediately, when I do anything to wake the Surface tablet. If I run across any solutions, I will post back here.

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Todays updates made reference to 'fixing the way audio is handled during connected standby'. Can you see if this works properly after todays updates and firmware?

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Well, I wish I could report better news, but I am having the same issue streaming SiriusXM through the desktop version of IE. The second the screen goes off (shutting lid, going blank because of power settings, or lid closure), the music stream stops cold. The second the screen comes back on, it picks right back up. Unfortunately, I cannot get the SiriusXM player to launch in Metro IE, so I have no way to test whether or not this would rectify the issue at hand. On a side note, I have had XBOX music streaming for ~30 minutes with the Surface lid closed and have had no hiccups. In the past, this was always a crap-shoot for me, so there appears to be good improvement in that department.

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Its not great but this seems to work;

I went into control panel, hardware and sound, power options, change plan settings, change advanced power settings, power buttons and lid, lid closed action, change on battery and plugged in to Do nothing. Apply and exit.

Open the browser in desktop, launched Pandora. To blank the screen, flip the keyboard up.

Screen is off music keeps playing.

Let us know if this works for SiriusXM.

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control panel, hardware and sound, power options, change plan settings-put computer to sleep never for battery or plugged in

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