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Podcast #5


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I have to take issue with this show. Foshee had way too much time to complain about the surface. Especially when he admitted he broke it. Of someone was listening and was on the fence about buying it there is no way they will buy it now.


I listen to BYOB and the Home Server Show and Foshee Breaks more computers than a computer illiterate person. He obviously knows a lot about computers but he seems to know more about breaking them.


I have restored my RT three times and had zero issues. The only thing I agree with him on I'd there isn't enough apps but we all know they are coming. I have been extremely satisfied with the device.


Foshee I love you and think you do a great job but I don't think it is fare to be so critical when you admittedly caused the problem.



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I have been fairly vocal on several sites on my concerns of this kind of topic.

Lots of Microsoft enthusiasts are not happy with Windows 8 and they are very vocal about it. At first I was concerned that this negativity would scare off the average consumer. In the end I am OK with any dialog as long as it is valid. If a person believes that Surface RT is a awful device they are welcome to say that, but I expect them to back it up with facts and data.

More directly to your note, I have come to find that I learn more by making mistakes or breaking things. I learn a lot from BYOB because they beat things up a bit.

Its all good!

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