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Hide 'login' Email Address From Home Screen & Lock Screen?


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Hey folks,


I just purchased a Surface yesterday and am so glade I did! - I have been using Window 8 since last Nov, odd and upgraded to Windows 8 Pro when it cam out, thus have all my files synced under my Email address.


I originally signed in with my Email address, because that email is connected to my Xbox 360 account and I wanted to be able to see what was going on, on Xbox from my Pc, etc..


Anyway, I have also signed onto my surface with my PC windows 8 email account and it has all synced... but I was wondering if there is any way to HIDE my email address from the Login screen/Lock screen and Home screen... as when I take a screen shot, it has my email address (as login name) and I don't want to share such screens with my email address showing...


Is there anyway to Hide this without switching to a Local Account?

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Update: Just switched to a Local account. It kept all my current setting and just displayed my name. It also kept all settings and image settings. I also loaded up the Games app and it allowed me to sign in using my Xbox account email address, so it is possible to log into separate Microsoft accounts using different email addresses for different apps.

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