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Just Got The Verizon Windows Phone 8X


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And I am in love! Such a great device, at first i had some weird os problems and glitches but it worked itself out and is running fast and smooth!


Only gripe, my unit has a weird screen flicker that occurs once in a while. Will be trading in for another unit sometime this week.


ALSO got the rubber HTC case Verizon had. First case i have ever bought for a device, and its surprisingly nice!


Anybody else get the 8x? Whats your thoughts on it?

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berty, I am super interested to hear about your experience with the 8X over time. The phone has a lot of fans out in the marketplace. Personally, coming from the Lumia 900, I was inclined to make the jump to the 920, but since I have a bunch of time left before my contract comes up, I am going to use the time to get a better comparison of the two platforms. I am glad to have someone around who has the 8X and is so excited about it!

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Let me start of by saying I am a self-proclaimed Microsoft Fanboy. My last 3 phones have all been Windows products, yes I remember Windows Mobile :D and if my old brain remembers correctly they have all been HTC devices. So that being said I was very excited to see HTC and Verizon getting together to offer Windows Phone 8 device. So far I have been very pleased with the device. The screen size and resolution is much better than what I had on my Trophy. The touch screen keyboard works the way I would expect an on screen keyboard to work. I can tell you with the changes to the icons on the home screen it has been cut in half which is very nice, which in turn has reduced the amount of scrolling. The camera takes good pictures, for a phone it does have some issues with low light shots, but I do own a camera if I want really good pictures. This is the first phone I have every owned that had a forward facing camera, which is nice, but I have not really had an opportunity to use it much. I have not really seen any of the issue that have been reported so far I think my phone has rebooted on is own once since its come out of the box. My better half has a Google phone and I am looking forward to trying out the room feature. Most of my apps were available and work just like they did on my Trophy. There were a few games that are not in the store as of yet like TinyTown, I am also seeing a bit of an issue that just started in he last few days where new podcasts are not download when they become available. But I if I recall correctly my Trophy got an update early on to fix the same problem.


Overall I would have to say that the device is just very cool to look at and I love the feel of the device in my hand.


I think this is the longest post I have ever done on a forum in my life!


Just found your podcast today just listened to episode 4 I like what I have heard so far keep up the good work.


Looking forward to trying some of the tips and Tricks you have posted for my Surface RT

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I find myself in a very similar position KrazyKrause!


Actually, just today I traded my 8x with the screen issue in for a new one. When I got home I realized that this one had the issue some other people had where the glass is elevated more on the left side of the phone than the right. Very minor defect (almost unnoticeable) but I prefer it be flawless if I have to live with it for 2 years!


I've been keeping a list of the things I notice (good and bad) most when switching from my Trophy to my 8x. So here they are...



  • Black Bars: most the apps have black bars because of the 720p resolution on the 8x. Can get very annoying especially when watching a widescreen video in netflix! Then you get bars on the top and bottom and double bars on the left and right!
  • Notification LED: I don't care that it doesn't light up for every text or email I get, but I do hate how bright it is! Every night I watch an episode of Psych on Netflix in my bed before I go to sleep. I keep the phone plugged in so it doesn't die but the LED light strains my eyes while I'm watching!
  • Bluetooth Downgrade: On my Trophy I was able to play/pause and skip tracks using the Bluetooth controls in my car and for some reason I cant with my 8x. The music plays but I have no control! I don't know if I should blame my phone, my OS, or my car!
  • Directions: I remember being able to click on an address in my contacts or even on a website and immediately receiving directions! Now I get prompt to download VZNavigator or other apps. I used to love the integrated directions!
  • I hate the power button being on the right. None of my fingers are there! It takes me a few tries to turn off my phone because its not a spot I can reach with one hand to put my phone to sleep before putting it in my pocket.


  • Size: The size and feel of this phone are incredible. Best feeling device I've ever held!
  • Camera: Its fast and quite good! (though videos tend to lose focus very easily)
  • Beats: Playing music from my phone through my Beats Solo HD is incredible! Such an amazing duo and a great listening experience!
  • Select Songs: I like the way you can now select songs via a check box! Easier to add to playlists and delete songs I'm tired of!
  • Xbox: It's far more integrated (still not as much as I'd like) Now you can view who's online and check your Xbox messages without having to load the Xbox Extras app! It's all right there in the Xbox Games hub.

I'm sure there's much more, these are just the things that stand out the most to me coming from the Trophy.

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i just called my local shoprex, you are correct. i am returning my current 8x back to my verizon store (just bought it last thursday) and buying it from best buy. the htc 8x will DEFINITELY be worth its price now!

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