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Relationship Between Onenote In Office 2013 And Onenote Metro


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What's the relationship of these two apps? Do they share data? If so, how?


If they sync together (doesn't seem so to me, but I may be doing something wrong) how is the sync enabled and accomplished.


Thanks for your help.

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They are basically the same app. The Metro OneNote is just that, a metro version of OneNote that you can use from the start screen. The Office 2013 OneNote is the desktop version of the program.


I have been using both and they are syncing just fine. The sync is automatically enabled and only syncs when you have a data conenction thorugh the WiFi.


If you have alot of notes, it might take a while to sync them all up. You should see a green sync icon when it is syncing.

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Super! I was hoping that was the case. I wanted to be able to use either app depending on whether I was working in Office 2013 or Metro. Glad, glad, glad!


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