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G. WadeTech

Surface Geeks Windows 8 App

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G. WadeTech

Now that the Holidays are over and there is not enough snow to go snowmobiling I will get back to this dev project and let you know.

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Any word/updates? It's been some time.......

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G. WadeTech

Hi SikSlayer,


Dave put an app together that is in the Windows 8 App Store... search Surface Geeks.  I stopped working in this as the rss feed was not optimized for the JSON format that I needed.  The app that is in the store is not bad and gives you a nice view of the data on the site.

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    • dotnetnelson
      By dotnetnelson
      Today I am happy to announce that the first major update to Piktr has passed certification is now on the Windows Store.
    • buzzelliart
      By buzzelliart
      Hello everyone,
      I hope not to be OT,
      I am a software developer and I've developed a painting software for windows platform.
      The software also supports Wacom's pen sensitivity to vary size and opacity of brushstrokes.
      I was wondering if my software works well on Windows Surface pro, since it seems that the software has some issues with hardwares with integrated graphics cards.
      The software is available for free here:
      I would be grateful if someone could test it and send me a feedback about their user experience with the software.
      Thank you all in advance!
      Kind regards,
    • axoid
      By axoid
      Last week I picked up the ModernMix app from Stardock, it is a tool that allows the “modern” windows apps to be displayed in a window on the desktop. It works very simply once it is installed, start any modern app and when you want to take it to the desktop, press F-10; you will switch to the desktop and the app will now be in a window. Hit F-10 again and back to full screen you go. There is also a “boxes” icon displayed in the upper right corner that you can use to switch modes or exit the app.
      ModernMix also remembers the last mode that the app was in and the next time you launch it ModernMix will display the app in that mode. So if you want to always use the kindle app on the desktop you don’t need to do anything more than just start the app and it will be displayed on the desktop.
      Some people might be wondering why you would want to use a modern app on the desktop, I’ll give you my reasoning. I still use the desktop a lot, with my software development tools, and it’s nice that I can have Evernote or a downloaded reference book on the Nook app on the desktop at the same time as my programming tools. It keeps me from having to constantly switching from the desktop to a full screen app to reference something. It also keeps me from having to install both the modern app and the desktop version of an app on the same machine to get the same usefulness of having the modern app on the desktop.

      I’ve tested Email, Nook, Kindle, Evernote Touch, One Note, the Video app and a few others and all of them worked without any problems on the desktop. The only modern apps that I had any problem with on the desktop are games. Probably from the way that games write to the screen. The games didn't break; you just couldn't see everything on the game screen.
      I’m so impressed with this app I think Microsoft should buy the app from Stardock and roll it into Windows 8.2. Not that I think they actually will. For $5 this app is a no-brainer if you spend any significant time working on the desktop.
    • SikSlayer
      By SikSlayer
      First off, I should say I love the podcasts, been listening since day one, but never bothered to join the forums, or the live show chat (except once before and this past week). But I'll be around here and there a lot more often from now on. Looks like this is the place to be, to get some questions answered, and maybe impart my POV on a few things.
      .............that being said:
      With the recent showing of Windows 8 and Server 8, and the possible pending debocale if MS doesn't explain Metro properly sooner than later; I started to think about Server 8 as it relates to Metro. I could only imagine Metro being useful in a status monitor role for Server 8. A multi-touch enabled LCD monitor attached to the front of the server rack with tiles for temperature, CPU, network utilization, etc. And all also being run on a Windows 8 tablet or phone, for remote maintenance. But that's all elementary, I mean, we all see this coming, a lot of it we have now.
      But, as I'm finally about to install Windows Home Server 2011, and rebuild my RAID on it, I started thinking about what add-ins I want to install. And that's when Metro crossed my mind again. If/when the next iteration of WHS comes along, it's going to be Server 8-based. So then, what will happen to the add-in system we have now? Will it become fully-Metro-based? When I look at the WHS server console, I see the possibility of that being killed for Metro tiles.
      I held off on WHS v1 because 2011 was on its way, and many add-ins had to be updated or replaced, so I didn't want to get used to something that may very well change. (Drive Extender didn't appeal to me, as I'm on the pro-RAID side of the fence anyway) And while I don't fear the next WHS once again flipping things upside down, I started thinking how possible it is that the add-in system that we know today could be totally replaced with something Metro-based, or even WHS as a whole being swallowed up and replaced with a lesser 'edition' of Server 8 (more akin to the editions of Vista and 7) that has the core feature set of WHS via Metro-based apps?
      Am I on the mark, or what? I want to know what you all think.

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