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Surface Rt With Touch Cover Randomly Muting Sound?


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Hi everyone,


if you got the issue that your Surface RT with attached Touch Cover mutes the sound randomly, you should check out this post and advice in the Microsoft Answers-Forum:



They are still working on that issue but they know already that it has to do something with the Touch Cover.

Because of that they want you to exchange the Touch Cover (if you got this issue) through the Store Support.


Take Care,


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    • RobWu
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      Hi guys,

      Yesterday I realized my Gen8 is producing some soft ticking and/or chirping sound from the back of the box. Not constantly, but on and off, sometimes a little bit more noticeable than other times.
      I've been looking on this forum and around the web for answers, but the only mention I could find is about the system battery maybe failing.
      As replacing this will reset the ROM, I'm a bit hesitant to do this. Maybe it's the fan failing?

      Does the above sound familiar to someone? If so, please let me know, as I don't want to open the box up before I know where to look


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      Surface with Windows RT, 32 GB: $499
      Surface with Windows RT, 32 GB with Black Touch Cover: $599
      Surface with Windows RT, 64 GB with Black Touch Cover: $699
      Surface Touch Cover (white, red, black, cyan, or pink): $120
      Surface Type Cover: $130
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      Am I missing something obvious or is Microsoft trying to get us all on Redmond time? I've done three Surface setups and never saw a time zone or location prompt (just a country). I've always had to go in and find the time zone setting and manually adjust it. Seems like a user experience design fail, or a user fail.
      In case it's not me, the time zone is in Settings -> Change PC Settings -> General and then it's at the top.
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      I'm thinking there may be a silver lining with all the OEM's dropping RT.
      When Microsoft introduced the Surface tablet, it was clear that they held it back so not to trample all over OEM's. They played it off as more of a reference design. They even limited the distribution and priced it high in hopes that other hardware vendors would pick up the carrot and run with it.
      Well, we all know that things didn't work out the way Microsoft expected and now I think Dell is the only one left producing RT devices. Could this be the opening Microsoft needs?
      Microsoft doesn't need to walk away from RT they need to double down!!! Remember Courier??? Microsoft now has the blessing and green light from its hardware partners to do whatever they want with RT devices cause they are not interested.
      Microsoft needs to release some aggressively priced RT devices with tuned software. They now have their Apple device that they can control from start to finish without hardware vendors crying foul (although we all know they will).
      Hey Microsoft,  target Surface RT at the student and the executive first! Create an 8 inch version along with the current size, add an active digitizer and create a Courier/OneNote hybrid app that takes note taking to the next level. Make sure connectivity options are a plenty and above all price the thing to build marketshare!
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