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Support For Mkv Video Files


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I have a large library of video files in MKV format and would like to use the WinRT os to play it. I can not find a player in the Store to play it.


I use Divx on my Win8 system in desktop mode and that works fine.


Anyone know of a player for MKV files (created with Handbrake using H.264 codec) which would run on Win RT (ie on Surface). H.264 is apparently supported but nothing to play the MKV form. I really do not want to have to convert my whole library.

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I am not aware of any at the moment. The RT is pretty locked down as far as the software you can run on it. Basically MSFT wants you to use the Xbox music app for playing videos. You might have to convert if all else fails.

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There is good news! There is a new app called Mobile.HD Media Player on the store. It plays Divx, and MKV, and h264 formats. It cost $2.49, but you have the option to "try".

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PowerDVD works great on my Samsung RT tablet. It streams MKV videos from my DLNA server and plays back flawlessly. Thank you for the recommendation!

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PowerDVD, so far the best. VLC still has not been released.

I too use and love PowerDVD to play mlv files.  I just wish that it had a more friendly user interface for large collections! Yikes!


between my videos, movies, photos and music it takes forever to even load my content across my network. 


I currently use Explorer to locate and select my video(s) and then allow PowerDVD to play it. 


I too donated to get VLC on 8/RT/Phone, but it's taking a while and their updates are sporadic - but hopeful.

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