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Use Surface To Charge Your Phone


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I guess there is no reason why this would not have worked, but I can confirm that the Surface RT USB port can charge a cell phone (Lumia 900) while running on battery. Nice when you need it.


I suppose it could charge/power any USB device.

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Yeah I came across this while testing out if my Surface would connect to my Lumia 900. Short answer is, No it won't. But like Indy said, I does charge it so that is good.

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I tried plugging my Nokia Lumia 900 into the USB port of my Surface RT, but it only charges it for a few seconds then stops. What is causing this and is there any way to prevent/ fix it?

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You may want to try another USB cable. I can confirm both my Surface RT and Surface 2 will charge pretty much any cell phone or accessory I plug into the port.

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      Also, I want to upgrade to Windows 8.1. These are the two ways that I have think of doing it, but I will like your opinion on which option is better (or if there is a better way):
      Plan 1: take the tablet to its original status (in PC settings > General > Remove everything and reinstall Windows), move the recovery files to a thumb drive (http://www.surfacegeeks.net/forums/index.php?/topic/192-surface-rt-how-to-free-up-4-gigabytes-of-storage-space-on-your-rt/), and do all updates to take it to Windows 8.1
      Plan 2: free some space by moving the recovery files to a thumb drive, make the upgrade to Windows 8.1, run a cleanup disk and defragment the drive
      Making a backup of the files in the tablet is easy b/c there is not much in it, but my main concerns for the process are: I am going to loose microsoft office? is it going to ask me for any key/license number (if I ever had one, I don't know where it is)? anything else that I am missing?
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