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Intermittent Touchcover Function


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I'm experiencing intermittent function of my touch cover. Often, when I turn the surface on, the keyboard does not respond. I need to disconnect it and reconnect it, then it instantly works. This doesn't happen every time, but it's happened 5-6 times in the short time I've had it. Anyone else seeing this?


I'm thinking either new connections that need to 'break in', drivers that need updating, or a faulty keyboard.

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PCDoc is returning holis as well but for other issues too. Mine has been stable but I have not been able to activate it and update due to a few days away in a cabin.

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I have only noticed this on mine when I previously had it folded back behind then close it. When I first reopen to use it, it doesn't respond.

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Mine is virtually unusable. Going back to store and I am not sure if I want another one. Nice unit and I love Win8 but may have to fine an alternative like the Samsung.

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I wondered about the 'fold it back' then close issue as well. I restarted this morning and it installed an update. Now it seems to me to be more responsive. I'll keep playing and let you know. I'm still thinking it was a drivers issue (fingers crossed!).

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I wondered about the 'fold it back' then close issue as well. I restarted this morning and it installed an update. Now it seems to me to be more responsive. I'll keep playing and let you know. I'm still thinking it was a drivers issue (fingers crossed!).


They mentioned at the Microsoft Store there was an update but I do not think it helped me at all

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I have the same problem. The touch cover doesn't work most of the time. I hope it's the cover and not the Surface itself. I'm going to try and exchange the cover this week and we'll see if that fixes it.

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